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Women's Accessories- Handbags, Jewellery, Sunglasses, Shoes

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Shop Stein Mart’s collection of trending women's accessories and shoes, including designer handbags and jewelry, designer sunglasses, kimonos, hats, and scarves.

Pump up your outfit with the perfect accessory

Whether you’re a fashion novice or a fashion savant, bags are the one accessory you won’t get wrong. We all need bags, from the tiny clutch to the giant tote that can fit our day’s essentials. Make it the centerpiece of your look by wearing items that complement the bag’s color, shape, or texture. Slouchy hobo bags, for example, will look great with a casual, beachy ensemble. 

Now that you’re thinking of the beach, how about a nice cover-up to go with your summer outfit? Stein Mart offers a kaleidoscope of light, flowy kimono wraps that would look great draped over your swimsuit. They come in a wide variety of prints and patterns to make you look eye-catching under the bright sun. 

Kimonos look great outside the beach, too! This super-flattering silhouette can also complement a casual jean and top pairing, making you look extra stylish. Though usually oversized, you can make the kimono show off more of your figure by cinching it with a belt.

If you’re looking for a coverup that’s more multi-purpose, go for a long, wide scarf. While we usually tie these around our necks to keep us warm, scarves and shawls can be opened up to cover your shoulders and arms, too. It would depend on what you feel like wearing for the day, and it’s always to have several options from just one item. 

On the other hand, jewelry works with just about anything. If you opt for classic, elegant pieces, you can add sparkle to virtually any item in your closet. But feel free to play with your jewelry, too. Fun, colorful variants like chunky beads and bangles can give your look a vibrant jolt of personality. 

Adorn your crowning glory with stylish pieces

Your head is the most visible part of your body, and it’s only right that you protect it every chance you get. Stein Mart’s selection of head and face gear not only protects your head from the harsh elements, but they’re also lovingly crafted with beautiful designs that make you look good too. 

Sunglasses are instant outfit enhancers. Made to protect your eyes from harsh UV rays, anyone who wears the right pair of sunnies looks amazing no matter what. Make sure to choose one that works with your face shape – square frames usually work well with round faces and vice versa, while oval faces have the lucky privilege of being able to wear any type of frame. 

Another stylish way to protect your head from the sun is to wear a hat. Choose an oversized floppy hat or a chic Panama hat to beat the heat while looking like a mysterious traveler from abroad. Or wear a fun beret for that fab European feel. In the winter, it always helps to have a cute fluffy beanie on your head to stay warm while looking fresh. 

Accessories give the finishing touch to your look. Feel free to punctuate your outfit with the best pieces Stein Mart has to offer. You can even try something new to freshen up your style! Whatever you choose, make sure it’s the accessory that’s truly you.