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Women's Handbag and Luggage - Designer Bags, Gucci, Chanel

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Shop Stein Mart's exceptional selection of women's handbags, totes, wallets, vintage designer bags, and backpacks, including Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Dior, Celine, and more.

Women's Handbags and Luggage - Designer Bags, Gucci, Chanel

Women need bags, it’s true. With all the items we need on hand daily, having the right tote means the difference between being prepared and leaving something behind. Each serves a different purpose. So which one should you get? Find the one that suits your lifestyle, a piece that will help you for a long time. Better yet, grab a handful of different styles so you have a bag for every occasion. 

Whatever you need, Stein Mart has a wide variety of bags to choose from that will work for you. 

Bags for your every need

Going out with the girls? A clutch would be a great bag to have in hand while you paint the town red. As comforting as it would be to bring a favorite tote along for the night, you might feel bogged down by its size when having fun with your friends. Just bring along the things you absolutely cannot be without – keys, phone, wallet – and you should be good to go.  

If you’re the type who is busy all the time, a carryall might be perfect for you. You can figure it out from the name – it can literally “carry all.” Roomy and with an extra pocket or two, this type is the go-to bag for people on the go. It should hold all your essentials and then some, from your laptop to gym clothes. 

A beach tote is kind of a satchel, with the same roomy features and the ability to carry a lot of your things in one go. It’s usually made with waterproof material or fabric that won’t be ruined by salty water, like straw or canvas. 

If your beach trip is more than a day’s journey, try using an overnight or weekender bag instead. The weekender is great for short trips because they hold all your things and are easy to carry around. They’re quite stylish, too.

A backpack can also work as a weekender bag, especially if you’re going on an outdoor activity like camping. These days, this style comes in both utilitarian and stylish forms, usable for when you’re traveling or when you just want to look cute while running errands. 

Another cute bag for running errands? The crossbody. A small to medium-sized bag in funky shapes and beautiful patterns, this trendy item frees up your hands and makes it easy to move around wherever you need to be.

For longer trips, however, it’s always best to go with wheeled luggage. Your weekender bag can still be useful as a carry-on, but you might need more space to place all your things (don’t forget your shopping haul!). A good piece of luggage is sturdy, expandable, and lightweight. Opt for the kind with 360-degree spinner wheels so you can easily navigate your bag in crowded airports.

Signature pieces that last a lifetime

Stein Mart also offers a handful of luxury designer bags for those who want the best quality money can buy. Brands like Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Dior, Celine, and Louis Vuitton have earned their reputation for creating well-crafted items that will last for a long time. Think of these items as investment pieces. Owning one will mean you have a bag that will stay with you forever, one that can be handed down to your daughters, too.