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Bed & Bath - Bedroom Storage, Bathroom Accessories & Towels

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From fluffy towels, nifty bath accessory sets, dainty shower curtains, space-saving storage bins and organizers, comfortable mattresses, and even laundry bins, elevate your bed and bath with these easy and stylish luxe items from Stein Mart.

Bed and bathrooms are where the ultimate comfort lies. It’s always a treat and fascinating to experience a 5star hotel experience. Why not bring the whole luxurious and dreamy encounter into your own home by making these spaces cozy, welcoming, and stylish without paying a premium price?

Dress up your personal 5–star bed and bath spaces

Our bed and bathroom accessories, shower curtains, trays, and bins come in different colors and designs - from classic to quirky. We have selections that come in whites, nautical hues, neutral, and darker tones. We also offer styles in geometrical shapes, coastal shades,  animal prints, and galaxy designs that will tickle everyone’s fancy. Reimagine your bath with a stylish accessory set that includes a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, water cup, and soap dish. Crown your bath with classic showerhead designs  that adapt to a more tranquil and comforting experience. Then finish it with a modern-day printed shower curtain and a shiplap background to bring one of today’s most popular decorating motifs to your home.

Nowadays, it’s all about comfort or nothing at all. Our towel sets, mattresses, and rugs are crafted from fabrics that offer ultimate ease. Choose from 100% cotton, suede, velour, or viscose wool blend that can satisfy any level of your comfort scale. These iterations also come in either intricate embroidery or hand-knit designs that promise luxury and durability. Choose the safer side and opt for the classic 2–ply bath towels in solid colors or with a minimal design that can go well with most bath decors. Or go for a deluxe option with our collection of Turkish towels. Turkish towels can be used as a bath or beach towel, or even as a beach spread. 

Elegant Storage for Organized Bed and Bath

It is stunning and satisfying to walk in a tidy and organized bed and bathroom. You need storage pieces that can meet both functionality and style. We have an array of multi-purpose storage containers, and waste and laundry baskets that come in different shapes and sizes. These pieces are sturdy and durable and will last you for years. The handles are stitched together and reinforced for additional strength and support for secure and easy transport. 

Use  textured paper bins–our fun and creative way to store toys, clothes, blankets, towels, books, knick-knacks, and even pet items. We also offer soft storage, which is with clear tops that you can quickly put under your bed or at the bottom of your wardrobe. These containers are your perfect solution to organize the clutter while improving your home decor.

Don’t be afraid to play with different textiles, colors, and designs. Look for a design style peg or inspiration but tweak it into something uniquely you! Explore our collection of bed and bath essentials here.