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Realize a soigné bathroom space with these fine selections of bathroom sets from Stein Mart that include shower curtains, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, tumbler, wastebasket, and more.

Nothing is more interesting than having a good story that transcends literature, art, furniture, and even home spaces. When decorating your home, you add scenic episodes by creating your motif and adding the complementing furniture pieces and finishings to set a room’s vibe. And you breathe in character to your home décor by adding bespoke home accessories with intricate details.

Bathrooms today are no longer viewed as a private, functional space but as an experiential one. Thus, having a storied bath space can usher in a feeling of calmness and serenity as you prepare for the day and destress at the end of one. 

Transform an ordinary bathroom into your beach getaway, a safari trip, or cityscape using our vast range of bath accessories.

Tales of your lovely themed bath spaces

Step into a beach holiday every time you enter your bathroom with accents of coastal or island-view bath accessory sets. Experience an oasis with a soap dish, toothbrush holder, and water cup made of sea glass, resin, ivory ceramic, or porcelain.  Each piece boasts stellar designs of carved and hand-painted palm trees, seagulls, corals, shells, seahorses, starfishes, and beach what-nots. Then, dive into the depths of crystal seas with shower curtains that illustrate underwater prints matched with sea animal-themed shower hooks.

Walk into a bathroom garden of wonderful accessory sets of flowers with chirping birds and butterflies. Enjoy the beauty of spring and flower blooms in matchy sets of a soap dispenser, lotion pump, and catch-all tray. Complete the background with a shower curtain of the same motif with little birds or butterflies-shaped shower hooks.

Suppose you have a feisty and adventurous spirit; go for the outlandish topographies. Create your little safari bath in a tissue holder and tumbler featuring different wild animal designs. Bring the jungle look to life with a shower rug and wastebasket of Aztec, Greek, or tribal prints.

For the city-dwellers, the Paris-themed sets are top-notch. Captivate the rich culture of the metropolis with its trademark designs such as the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe featured in the complete sink-to-shower accessory sets.

Perfect for the modern-day minimalist is our bathroom accessories with spellbinding designs like geometry, dotted circles, hammered silver, and the galaxy that give off a multisensory experience. These bath accessory sets come in warmer and cooler tones which add sophistication and elegance. In addition, these chic pieces certainly step up any contemporary home.

With stylish and trendy designs, Stein Mart’s ample selections of bath accessory sets are a great way to revamp your ordinary bathroom to an extraordinary one. Fantastic for first homes, school dorms, or even as housewarming gifts, our collection has everything you need to stylize your intimate space.