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Candles & Fragrance - Scented Candles, Votives, Soy Wax Candles

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Create a vibe from Stein Mart’s wonderful selections of candles and home scents perfect for all your needs--from calming your nerves to celebrating occasions. 

The use and importance of candles in our lives have evolved through time. Essentially, candles have found many ways to help us improve our ways of life. Lighting up a candle can instantly take you back in time, to another place, or bring something new into your home. Its relaxing light and aroma also create that comforting ambiance that we all want after spending a long day. 

Whatever you seek, whether it’s a little bit of comfort, lingering in your senses, or simply looking for a new decor for your home, Stein Mart’s collection of candles and scents have got you covered.

Light up your world and fragrance your lives!

From birthday cakes to family celebrations, candles have always been part of important moments in our lives. But we don’t always need a milestone to celebrate. Lighting a candle can instantly create a festive mood, provide a little warmth of comfort on cold nights or turn an ordinary dinner into a romantic night. Perfect for these occasions are our sets of single and three-wick candles, votives, and tea lights. Tea lights befit well with parties and weddings. They are equipped with concentrated fragrance oils that can fill the air with beautiful scents and set the mood for your guests. Votive types are primarily used as décor that can amplify your set design into a picturesque treat.

Candles come in different fragrance notes that have positive effects on your mood. Some promote stress reduction, sleep enhancement, self-confidence, and physical and cognitive performance. For example, to help ease your anxiety, choose scents of bergamot, lavender, and jasmine. Manage stress and tension by lighting candles in evergreen/eucalyptus, oakmoss/amber, or fig/seagrass. On the other hand, seaside/citrus, tropical, fruity, flowery, and aspen/fog fragrances can help alleviate fatigue and help you have a more restful and relaxing sleep. 

For more sustainable options, choose those made in soy wax packed in tin cans or glass jars. Soy wax candles are becoming increasingly popular because they do not harm the air you breathe, even for an extended burning time. 

Experience a long-lasting serene relaxation using the three-wick candles, which cater to more than 45 hours of burn time and exude a cleaner burn effect.

Create a luxurious and elegant feel in your home with the addition of these scented candles. You can choose from men’s, women’s, or unisex signature scents. They give off a soft, inviting aroma that fashions an ambiance of luxury and serenity while leaving a room looking warm and welcoming.

Our candles are also great additions to gift baskets, party favors, and stocking stuffers during holidays. Choose your favorite scent and light one today to elevate your home.