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Dainty Home - Curtains, Window Panels, and Shower Curtains

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Dainty Home’s collection of classic sheer, solid, and lace curtains for just the look you want. Shower curtains with detachable liners in many styles and colors.

Dainty Home - Curtains, Window Panels, and Shower Curtains

Curtains help decorate your home. They accentuate your windows while also providing privacy and protection. Dress up your space with the loveliest curtain styles for every room in your house. 

If you’re into a minimalist look for your home, opt for curtains with neutral colors and shades. Curtains that come in whites, greys, or tans can quietly elevate the décor without stealing all the attention. 

You can also go for curtains with subtle design elements. Embroidery on your curtains provides a soft, elegant aesthetic to otherwise plain fabrics. Sunlight that filters through tends to follow the design and creates a pleasing visual effect once it lands on your floors and furniture. 

Textured curtains with angular patterns and embossed lines give your home a cosmopolitan feel. They add a sense of modernity to your space without overwhelming the rest of the interiors. 

Patterned curtains make your room livelier and more vibrant. Whether it’s a trendy ombre look, a traditional floral print, or a fun cartoon design, patterns help your personality shine through. 

Sheer panels are great for living spaces that get a lot of sunlight. They help filter out the sun to keep you comfortable and bring enough of the light in to brighten up your space. 

For a hint of color, go for sheer curtains with soothing shades so that you’re always comfortable in your home. Pastels like baby blue and millennial pink can be enhanced by sunlight, enveloping your room in a lovely, lightly colored glow.  

If indoor sunlight is not your cup of tea, then blackout curtains may be the best choice for you. Built with blackout lining, these curtains help block light, save energy and reduce noise. It’s perfect for your home office, where privacy and concentration are important. 

Another place where you need privacy? The bathroom. Shower curtains help create the distinction between your shower space and your sink area, keeping you shielded when you’re taking a bath. Make sure to spread out the entire curtain when you’re done with your shower to help it dry. 

Curtain liners can also help keep your bathroom dry. Used together with the shower curtain, the liner is placed inside the shower or tub to contain the water. Puddles in the bathroom are both messy and dangerous, so it’s best to avoid them as much as possible.  

Curtains are essential to most rooms in your house. They decorate a space while also protecting your privacy and filtering excess light. For the bathroom, shower curtains help keep your bathroom dry while also creating an intimate bathing experience for you. 

Best of all, curtains are easily replaceable. Unlike more permanent home fixtures, you can easily change your curtains when you feel like it. Get as many colors, styles, and designs as you want so you can change up your décor whenever it suits your mood. Check out Stein Mart’s catalog of curtains today!