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Decorative Accessories- Vases, Trays, Table Clocks, Figurines

Discover hidden treasures for home decor, everything from picture frames to door stoppers, candle holders, clocks, fireplace screens, and all types of figurines. Explore Stein Mart’s diverse range of beautiful accessories because you just might find something that perfectly complements your home!

Spruce Up Your Home With Stylish Accessories

There’s something therapeutic about decorating your home. As for accessories, they give every room its personality, energy, and aesthetic. In addition, they give you a sense of how you should feel as soon as you come in. For instance, seeing a tray of scented candles might give off a sense of calmness and relaxation since it may remind you of a luxury spa. On the other hand, hanging wall art featuring an inspiring quote reinforces a positive feel in your home.

Stein Mart offers various home accessories for every taste--from sleek, minimalist vases to bright picture frames. Anything to make your room feel delightful and cozy, we have it!

Home Accents for Every Room

If you’re looking for a fun weekend project, why not try redecorating your own home? You can arrange a beautiful coffee table vignette or shop for decorative accessories for your bathroom, living room, or entryway. Speaking of vignettes, this is a great way to make your room pop without doing too much. Get a small figurine, add a photo frame, and a lovely vase filled with your favorite blooms. Arrange them on a stack of books and voila—a simple but striking coffee table vignette that serves as the centerpiece of your living room.

A well-decorated bathroom isn’t without a touch of art. It creates a sense of thoughtfulness and turns the shower into something that’s beyond its function. Start with small decorative items, such as coastal-inspired tissue holders and cosmetic jars. Try to maintain a cohesive style to achieve harmony, but no rule says you can’t let your imagination fly! These subtle changes can make a much more significant impact than you think, transforming it into a space that you’ll look forward to spending time in.

Bottom line: Don’t be afraid to have some fun and experiment! At the same time, also remember that sometimes, in decor, less is more. A small plant here or a new vase there can completely change the vibe in a room. 

Most importantly, decorating your home doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot. We offer high-quality pieces at reasonable prices that fit every budget. So whether you’re looking to buy one accent piece or several decorative items for your patio or garden, we make sure there’s something for every homemaker.

Feel at Home With Stein Mart

Now, shopping for decorative pieces that spark joy has never been easier. Finally, you can find an accessory that matches you and your home, from door stoppers to candle holders. We want to provide the best products for our customers, so we strive to update our selections regularly. It’s always a fun and memorable experience when you shop at Stein Mart.