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Fans- Misting Fans, Outdoor Fans, & Indoor Floor Fans

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Fans have never looked so good! Stay cool with Stein Mart’s floor fans that come in unique designs, adjustable height, and outdoor misting fans perfect for the patio.

Misting Fans, Outdoor Fans, & Indoor Floor Fans

Fans let you enjoy a cool breeze in the comfort of your own home. Small or tall, indoor or outdoor, different types of fans have various benefits. Check out Stein Mart’s selection of fans for your space to see which ones will fit your needs.

Table fans are compact and portable, making it easy for you to bring them to any room. Because they’re pretty small, they’ll fit most spaces in your house and require minimal installation.  

Floor fans help circulate the air from the floor level, pushing the stale air out and pulling the fresh air in. They come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. Mostly made of stainless steel, floor fans are very sturdy.

They can also be easily adjusted to create the proper airflow that you are looking for. Tilt the head to make the air go up, or pull up the base to offer agreeable wind from a taller height. 

For extra hydration along with fresh air, try a misting fan. This variant adds mist to the cool air that the blades emit to create excellent relief in hot and humid weather. Often found in commercial areas like resorts or theme parks, these fans protect people from dehydrating, especially when in a large crowd. There are also portable misting fans available for home use. These are perfect outdoor fans, helping keep your guests cool at your backyard barbecue. 

Outside, fans help circulate the warm air, protecting you from the feeling of being surrounded by a big, suffocating wall of heat. Keep several types of fans around your patio to help stay fresh despite the blaze.

Fans can also protect you from flies that hang out in your garden. Sometimes, the sneaky ones can get inside, too. By turning on a fan, you’re making it hard for the insects to fly around and take up space. You get fresh air and an insect repellent in one, with just a spin of the fan blade.

Fans are also considered energy-efficient items. Less expensive than air conditioners, a fan can help you cut costs without sacrificing comfort. But if you like the cooling power of your air conditioner indoors, turning on the electric fan can help spread the cool breeze faster and make the room feel even colder. 

They also come in decorative versions, adding visual interest to the rest of your space. If you plan on moving your fan around from room to room, try getting one in a neutral shade, like sleek black or classic white that will work with any décor. 

These days, when the sun is hotter than ever, items like table fans, floor fans, and misting fans are essential appliances to have. Stein Mart’s selection of fans will keep you cool all summer long.