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Flowers, Plants, & Wreathes - Diffenbachia, Spathiphyllum, & More

Adding a green touch to your decor works wonders for the home. Handpick what best suits your space from our fantastic array of decorative plants in creative basket planters, plus holiday wreaths and artificial flowers.

Flowers, Plants, & Wreathes - Diffenbachia, Spathiphyllum, & More

Houseplants are proven to benefit your health and wellbeing by simply being in your home. So not only will you have a great-looking home, but you'll feel better about yourself, too. 

Taking care of plants is pretty simple, but it’s best to start with artificial plants first if you're new to the whole gardening process. These realistic-looking florae provide significant visual impact and help elevate a person's mood, just like natural plants. Plus, they require no supervision and zero maintenance, perfect for beginner plant owners.

Figs are popular indoor plants known for their large, broad leaves. They can be in a small, compact form, perfect for filling in the corners of your room. They also come in medium and large sizes if you need a tall, towering plant to brighten up the empty spaces of your house. 

For larger spaces, you may opt to place palm trees right inside your home. Now, you don't have to go to the beach to feel the tropical vibes. A lot of us might not know that the palm plant is known to bring good luck. It attracts positivity and is believed to bring wealth to your house. 

The philodendron has glossy, dark green leaves that evoke a jungle-like aesthetic if you’re feeling more adventurous. However, their expansive greenery may tend to occupy quite a space, so it is best to place them in wide areas wherein they won't be in the way. 

Dracaena, or dragon tree, has sword-like leaves that look like long spikes. This eye-catching, sometimes tall plant can be an ideal accent piece as it can provide a stark contrast to the other indoor plants, which usually have softer-looking leaves. 

Dieffenbachias have long, broad leaves with light-colored veins. They are also known as dumbcanes because chewing the plant can cause your tongue to swell and make it hard to speak. Thankfully, our faux dieffenbachias won’t pose that same risk, so you won't need to worry about your children or pets endangering themselves around this plant. 

Out of all the indoor plants, the majestic Monsteras may be the most aesthetic of all. With their broad, jagged leaves with a unique hole pattern, it's no surprise why many people are drawn to their unique beauty. Likewise, it's no wonder why many homeowners have taken to placing a Monstera inside their living space. 

Stein Mart also offers basket planters that will look perfect with the garden aesthetic you're going for. Made of natural brown wicker, these lovely planters will pull your entire indoor decor together. 

If you're looking for a touch of green that doesn't require a pot, go for a faux flower or fruit wreath that you can hang on your door, fireplace mantel, or windows. Wreaths adorn your door with a flourish, giving your entrance a welcoming ambiance. 

Faux foliage is a great way to decorate your home without all the fuss. With minimum maintenance, you have greenery that will last you all year long. Check out Stein Mart's indoor plant selection to find the perfect touch of green for your place.