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Glassware & Drinkware - Mugs, Ice Bucket, Wine Stopper, & Drinkware

Building your home collection of drinkware takes finding the balance between variety and functionality. You should go for a mix of reliable pieces that can be used at different times of the day. But also make space for statement glasses that elevate your special occasions. Consider your everyday beverages and cocktails for special events. Check out Stein Mart’s great selection of ceramic mugs, coasters, and wine stoppers and holders. We have everything you need to serve drinks in style. 

Mugs, Coasters, and Water Flasks in Endless Designs

There’s never a bad time for a warm cup of coffee or tea. Start your day on a brighter note with our selection of ceramic mugs. Choose from our minimalist varieties for something sleek and simple. Or, add some quirk to your cup of joe with llama, cactus, and mermaid-themed mugs! Our sets also come in pairs perfect for you, your significant other, and every member of your family.

When you’re working out, stay refreshed by keeping a water flask on hand. Our stainless steel tumblers are just what you need for all-day hydration. They have a double-wall design to keep your drink cold or warm as you please. Their sleek design makes it easy for you to take them anywhere--from your run around the block to your hike up in the mountains.

Glasses for mixed drinks, wine, champagne, and beer

If you love having friends over for drinks at home, make sure your cocktail bar is stocked with everything you’ll need for smooth entertaining. Have an ice bucket on hand to perfectly chill your bottle of wine or champagne. Seal them with a wine stopper to keep them fresh. A beer caddy can come in handy for carrying bottles from your car to the fridge with ease. 

Reach the full flavor potential of your red or white wines by serving them in the right glass. Red wines are best enjoyed in a wide-rimmed glass. It's large enough so you can swirl the wine and release its aromas.

For white wine, opt for a vessel that’s narrow and tapered to keep its taste and temperature intact. Flute glasses work well to preserve the bubbly fizz of champagne and sparkling drinks. So whether you’re unwinding at home with a glass of wine or toasting to a new milestone, stay sophisticated with our wide selection of glassware.

For the true liquor connoisseurs, we have rocking tumblers and shot glasses perfect for happy hour.  These glasses are beautifully crafted to ensure quality and elegance as you indulge your drinks. Either with a crystal or cork plug, they are interesting focal points to display at your home bar and can even be a gift for any occasion. Additionally, we have chic beverage carafes and decanters so you can pour your drinks with style. 

Stein Mart’s collection gives you the option to choose the appropriate glassware for your different drinks and beverages. Aside from improving your table setting, it may also contribute to your style's elegance, transforming everyday meals into exquisite and engaging occasions.