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Octo - Grandview Gallery - Glass, Brass, Crystal Table & Floor Lamps

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Wide selection of floor and table lamps in glass, brass, crystal, nickel, wood, or ceramic and sleek arc floor lamp styles to transform any room!

Brighten Up Any Room With the Right Lighting

Do you know how the right accessory can elevate an outfit? The same goes for indoor and outdoor lighting. Whether it’s a floor or table lamp, a fantastic fixture will enhance any space in your home. It can make a home more inviting, attractive, and welcoming. Lucky for you, Grandview Gallery offers a range of designer lighting options to help you illuminate and bring life to your abode. Their collection includes minimalist, industrial, and modern farmhouse fixtures, among others.

You may know this already, but good lighting makes or breaks a home’s design and atmosphere. So, try to make the most out of your space by incorporating lamps. Choose which one goes best with each room—is it mid-century? Boho? Quirky? Whatever you pick, make sure it complements the overall beauty of the space.

Before you make your purchase, know which lamp to get for your home first.

One of the greatest advantages of floor lamps is that they create the illusion of heightened space, thus opening up the room. They also brighten the area at eye level and balance the brightness from ceiling lights. A floor lamp can also act as a focal point that stands out to highlight another feature in the room, such as a framed photo or flower arrangement.

Next are table lamps, which are perfect for desks and end tables. Since they only illuminate a particular area in the room, it’s easier for you to work, study, or watch on a well-lit area without disturbing others. Like floor lamps, table lamps are also an excellent decorative element. When combined with ceiling lights, they create the perfect ambiance in any room.

Also, layering lighting can be very effective if you wish to give your living area more dimension. Use your lamp as an accent light to complement a beautiful vignette or match it with the room’s current theme—the style possibilities are endless.

From brushed nickel and plated gold to glass and ceramic, Grandview Gallery evokes simplicity, class, sophistication, and elegance in the form of quality lamps. So, if you are thinking of doing a little home rearranging on the weekend, try experimenting with different lighting placements until you find the best one for each room.

Shop for Designers Lamps and More Home Goods

Create your dream space with Stein Mart’s extensive selection of home items. In addition to lamps, there are wall art, candles, area rugs, planters, and throw pillows to make any room cozier and more beautiful.

Grandview Gallery offers affordable products, making it easy for you to shop for lamps without worrying about breaking your budget. So if you are planning to spruce up your dining room, living room, bedroom, or kitchen any time soon, choosing the right lighting fixture can make a huge difference.