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Lighting - Floor, Table & Hanging Lamps, Chandeliers, Lanterns

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It’s high time for you to spruce up your place. Fortunately, Stein Mart offers an ample array of classic and unique lamps to lighten up every space. Excellent lighting can snatch attention to your most lavish areas. Plus, it also yields height and depth, setting the right ambiance for your ideal home. Choose the best lighting for your home, as it is essential in bringing the wow factor to your space.

Lighting- Floor Lamps, Table & Hanging Lamps, Chandeliers, Lanterns

Want to transform your living room on the chic side? Installing a floor lamp in a room’s corner can refine your go-to design to embellish your room layout. Arc floor lamps are recommended to add a contemporary element to the area of your choice.

Not all rooms have colossal windows that let natural light in. Thankfully, floor lamps can do just the trick when it comes to brightening up the room. While overhead lights function to illuminate the entire room, floor lamps set the mood and enhance the aura of the space by highlighting a specific area. 

Placing a table lamp on your nightstand or anywhere in your bedroom is pretty much the standard these days. Its soft light provides adequate brightness to a specific spot that creates a comfy feel to your quarters. Depending on your style, you can choose various finishes such as porcelain, wood, glass, and metal designs. 

The key to highlighting underrated areas of your place is suspending hanging lamps - also called pendant lamps - from the ceiling. You can brighten up your narrow hallways or stairwells by putting up a section of hanging lights. 

If you want to showcase your kitchen, pendant lamps would be a great idea. One of the many ways to illuminate your cooking area is to strategically place these lamps to emphasize the surface. Pendant lamps are also great space-savers as they light up your kitchen without having to take up a functional space.

Talk about regal luminosity. No matter what shape or form, there’s no denying that chandeliers can add a fancy flair to your space. The right chandelier can have the potential to be an exuberant conversation piece for the night. Similar to hanging lamps, chandeliers are also suspended from the ceiling. However, the difference is that a chandelier may have several branches to support multiple bulbs or candles and may also include exquisite beads, various cuts of glass, and crystals. So, if you prefer to add a grand statement to your home, this sophisticated light fixture is your top pick.

If your style leans more on timeless focal pieces that sit well in contemporary settings, lanterns will be your go-to lighting fixture. Their unique pattern can add character to any room. Lanterns have never waned from the trend primarily because of their classic prints that adapt to modern designs.  But, for that extra nostalgic factor, candle lanterns are up to the task. Lanterns are best placed in gardens, dining areas, and even in your bedroom. These dreamy yet stylish lamps do the trick in creating ambient lighting on every spot.