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London Times - Dresses & Jumpsuits, Maxi, Wrap, Off Shoulder

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London Times offers modern, refined selections of women’s clothing that give your wardrobe some sophisticated English flair. You can wear their lovely and elegant designer pieces to your next spring, brunch, garden wedding, or vacation trip. Choose from a vast array of gorgeously constructed dresses and jumpsuits, maxi dresses that come in wrap, ruffled, and off the shoulder styles, babydoll and classic cotton shift dresses, and more.

London Times - Dresses, Maxi, Wrap, Off Shoulder Tops

A dress with a stunning pattern is a great conversation starter at brunch with your friends or during a family barbeque. Be in tune with the fresh blooms of spring and summer with our floral wrap dresses. They are slightly fitted at the torso and free-flowing at the hem; they cinch the waist and give you that coveted hourglass figure. 

If you have a garden wedding coming up, our relaxed dresses are just what you need to create a balance between fresh and formal. Go for our midi and fit-and-flare dresses in chiffon or jersey for a look that’s both classy and feminine. These dresses work well for other formal events and special occasions too. You can dress them up or down as you please and change your look with complementing accessories and a statement purse or hat.

Are you going on vacation? Make sure to pack one or two of our breathable kaftan and maxi dresses in your suitcase. Easy to style as they are to pack, these come in long and short variants that perfectly drape over your curves. These fabulous, free-fitting pieces are available in bright colors and vibrant geometric prints that will make you look radiant in every travel photo.

Relaxed and Elegant Designer Jumpsuits by London Times

Whoever invented the jumpsuit is a life-saver! It comes in various designs and fabrics that you can easily style without putting in too much work. Rompers are wardrobe staples because they’re flexible to different occasions throughout the year- from casual events to formal occasions.

Spend your weekends in these laid-back jumpsuits that can also function as loungewear. Perfect for cozying up indoors after a long week of hustling. Now you can spend some well-deserved quality time on yourself while still looking fashionable.  

If you think you can only wear these dainty dresses and pantsuits on warm days, think again. They can be used to transition through the seasons by adding a touch of warmth as you layer your clothing. Wear a floral wrap dress over a turtleneck sweater with tights underneath to infuse some liveliness in the subdued palette of autumn and winter colors. 

Apparel For Seasonal Transitions

Dress up for all seven days of the week with designer pieces by London Times, including timeless designs that effortlessly transition from everyday looks to date night ensembles and elegant outfits for special occasions. There are sophisticated silhouettes for daytime, evening, and even special events. Check out their latest collection for more ideas on relaxed yet tasteful apparel.