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Mirrors - Rattan, Sunburst, Wood Frame Decorative Wall Mirrors

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Stein Mart’s collection of gorgeous wall mirrors add a touch of beauty and charm to any room. We offer frames in various colors, finishes, and materials like wood, rattan, glass, and more. So, if you want to transform your home without doing any major renovations, we got just what you need.

Furnish Your Home With Beautiful Wall Mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors are a great home staging hack to create the illusion of a more spacious room. If you do not have access to oversized windows or high ceilings, this is the trick your home needs. Mirrors bring in light and break visual clutter, making your space look and feel wider than it seems. And did we mention they also make great decorative pieces?

Stein Mart offers a range of products for your home decorating needs, including beautifully crafted mirrors. So whether it is for your living room or bathroom, you will find an option that suits your style.

Besides checking your OOTDs and doing your makeup, mirrors do a great job of making any space appear wider without any drastic changes. They add that extra square footage they need for rooms that lack windows and access to natural lighting. Place it against a wall or hang it where the light normally hits to add dimension. You can also apply the same trick to smaller spaces like a bathroom or vanity. Once you find the perfect mirror, getting ready will be much more enjoyable.

Another way to display a mirror is by making it the focal point of a room. For example, place it above the fireplace if you have one or hang it on a wall to add character. Not only will it help enlarge the space, but it will also serve as a reflective surface to the other decorative pieces you have.

Lastly, try to create visual interest by grouping mirrors together. For example, get rattan mirrors of different sizes and arrange them on a wall in the same place for a beautiful, collage-inspired accent. Mirrors are more versatile than we think. They brighten up a room, change a view, and add a touch of practicality without being too obvious.

The right mirror can breathe new life into any dull space in your home. Find a shape, size, material, or finish that works for you, and you will be amazed at how it can impact the overall atmosphere of a room. Lucky for you, Stein Mart makes it easy to shop for excellent-quality mirrors at great prices.

Find the Right Decorative Mirror for Your Space at Stein Mart

Mirrors reflect the style you already have in your home, but they can also alter it depending on which design you choose. We offer a wide variety of mirror shapes and variants, from bohemian and minimalist to farmhouse and industrial. They are also available in different materials, such as wood, metal, and glass. So whether you are buying one for style or practicality, we have everything you need for both. Visit the home collection to start shopping.