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Outdoor & Garden - Garden Decor & Statues, Planters, Hammocks

Having an outdoor space to relax in or accommodate guests is a beautiful addition to any home. Whether you have a sprawling lawn or just a small yard, all it takes is a little creativity to spruce up your outdoor space. 

Stein Mart offers a fantastic selection to dress up any garden of any size. Our collections include stepping stones, wind chimes, garden lights, fountains, benches, statues, bird feeders, hammocks, and many more!

Shop our collection now for an outdoor space that’ll make you feel like you’re truly communing with nature.

Outdoor & Garden - Garden Decor & Statues, Planters, Hammocks

Don’t let your outdoor space go to waste. Instead, turn it into a garden that you and your family will want to spend time in. 

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to create a space you’ll love, here are some ideas on how to plan and decorate your garden, patio, porch, or balcony using Stein Mart’s outdoor and garden collection.

Different Outdoor Oasis, Different Styles

Fancy a cup of tea outside? Turn your yard into a relaxing English-style garden by adding Old World elements like a water fountain, antique-looking planters, or maybe even an iron bench where you can sit and read. Don’t forget to plant English staples like roses and wisterias to complement the theme.

If a sunny, tropical atmosphere is more your style, create a space that recalls the ocean by adding umbrellas and flamingo garden decor from our outdoor collection. Then take it up a notch and hang a hammock. You and your family will surely enjoy your new outdoorsy summer space while chilling together.

For a garden that evokes calmness, line the perimeter or a pathway in your garden with our pagoda lights. Next, make it easy on the eyes by housing your plants in ceramic pots that come in calming hues of blues and greens. Stein Mart also offers zen garden kits that you can use as a meditation tool and decoration. Finally, to complete the vibe, hang a couple of wind chimes to tree branches for an utterly relaxing ambiance.

If you want an outdoor space for your children to play in, add some playful elements like Stein Mart’s Bear With Telescope Solar Light or animal figurines. Adding a bird feeder is also a massive hit with children—it serves as cute decor and an educational toy for kids. When planning a children’s garden, think of activities your kids can do in that space. You can even purchase a big planter so you can teach your children to plant vegetables while they’re young.

Whether you’re going for an English garden, a tropical oasis, a zen space, or a children’s outdoor playground—we’ve got all the accessories and decor you need to turn your area into paradise!

What are you waiting for? Shop our outdoor and garden collection now.