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Pet Supplies - Pet Accessories, Dog & Cat Bowls, Dog Towels

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Looking for something special for your pet? Stein Mart has a unique collection of dog and cat storage bins, food and water bowl sets, and loveseat covers for pets.

Pet Supplies - Pet Accessories, Dog & Cat Bowls, Dog Towels

For all the love and affection that we get from them, owning a pet is a major responsibility. Having one is like having another child in the house. This is why it’s important to invest in items that will take care of your pets just as much as they take care of you. Stein Mart has a wide array of pet items that are practical, fun, and cute, too!


Pet bowls are a necessity for every pet household. Look for the right size for your pet to avoid over or underfeeding them. Make sure to get at least two bowls, one for food and one for water. For puppies, you can train them early on to behave while eating by pretending to pull their food bowl away from time to time. This teaches them that they can be disturbed while eating and that they shouldn’t be aggressive if it happens.


Bathing dogs once a week is enough to keep them clean and flea-free. Invest in a wash mop mitt, a microfiber bath tool that fits onto your hands like a glove. The bristles help scrub your baby’s fur thoroughly while you wash and shampoo their body from head to tail. Then, to make sure your pup is completely dry, wipe him down in a soft pet towel after the bath.


If you’re an indoor pet household, it may be a challenge to keep your home spotless. It would be helpful to invest in pet accessories that double as protection for the items in your house.


Use pet sofa covers to help extend the life of your precious couch. With an elastic strap to hold them in place, these protectors can keep your sofa away from excess fur, pee, and whatever else your pet may be prone to doing while you’re spending quality time in front of the TV. They’re easy to clean, too!


Pet blankets can also help protect your surfaces from extreme damage. Place them on your couch, carpet, or chair to train your pet that this is their designated spot. Not only will it save you from having to clean off fur from your whole house, but it also keeps your beloved pet warm, too. You can also bring it along on trips to keep your pet from missing home too much.  


Buy pet storage bins to keep all your pet items in one place. Bowls, blankets, brushes, even toys – it would be more convenient for everyone if all of your pet’s items are kept neatly in a roomy bin. Make sure to place it somewhere that is easily in your line of sight. Chances are your pet might root through the container to conduct “sniff-spections,” so observe to prevent accidents.


Care for your pet as much as it cares for you. Check out Stein Mart’s pet supplies section to help make their lives easier.