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Sagaform Tableware - Tumblers, Shot Glasses, Carafe & More

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Create a luxury-level feel to your cocktail hour, cheese service, and table setting with Sagaform’s tasteful selections. Find all types of serving items and more when you browse our collection.

Premium Dinnerware That Matches Any Style

Tableware sets the mood for any dining table. More than just crockery for serving food, beautiful dinnerware enhances your meals and elevates the whole dining experience for everyone. Understanding the differences and purpose of each tableware is key to finding the right ones for you. From formal table settings to casual, day-to-day use, let Stein Mart help you choose the perfect dinnerware for you.

Sagaform presents a beautiful selection of minimalist-inspired dinnerware, including salad bowls, wine carafes, plates, and mugs. They also have accessories like vases, which you can use as a centerpiece.

Set Your Table in Style

Adding a unique touch to your tableware should not be complicated. If you do not know where to begin, focus on your preferences and personal style and start there. Formal dinnerware sets are usually used for special occasions, but if you like your dining table to have that opulent feel, then those might be for you. On the other hand, if you want no-fuss pieces that are also easy to clean, a wooden, glass, or ceramic dinnerware set could be right up your alley. We believe it’s good to have one set for everyday meals and a different one for holidays or special gatherings.

Once you have narrowed down the things you need, it’s time to look at your options. Do you need an entire dinnerware set or just a serving plate? Do you need something more specific, perhaps a cheese dome or cocktail glasses? Asking these questions will help you decide better, making it easier to shop.

If you love hosting wine parties, a wine carafe should be on your must-have list. It helps aerate or decant the wine and gets instant points for aesthetics. Sagaform also offers serveware that allows you to present your dishes in a more appetizing way.

Investing in dinnerware is an innovative and sustainable choice. It means you value quality, from the food you prepare to the dishes you serve them in. It’s also important to consider the special care your dinnerware needs. Dishwasher-safe items might be more convenient for you or your folks, while microwave-safe plates can make reheating and serving food much more manageable. Break-resistant dinnerware is excellent for outdoor settings, such as weekend BBQs with friends and family or if you have kids in the house.

Shop for New Dinnerware at Stein Mart

Sagaform’s selection of quality dinnerware will make dining feel like a five-star experience. Each piece is made to suit your style, from the materials to the design. Preparing your favorite dishes will be much more rewarding, knowing you will have them served in beautiful dinnerware. Whether you have a special occasion coming up or simply want to upgrade your tableware, Stein Mart has what you need. Shop now and start revolutionizing your dining experience!