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Wall Decor - Canvas Giclee Prints, Posters, Wall Tapestry

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If walls could speak, they say a little bit of who you are and what you love, so decorating them could be more important than it seems. The look and feel of the space we live in could affect our self-esteem, confidence, and productivity. At Stein Mart, we have a wide array of premium canvas giclee prints in various styles and colors. Subjects include animals, nature, people, and statements that suit every interior style.

Canvas Giclee Prints, Posters, Wall Tapestry For Every Room

A great thing about canvas giclee prints is that they use pigment-based ink. This results in high definition colors while also making the pieces water-resilient and longer-lasting. We have them in different sizes, giving you more options that best suit your space.

Bring nature indoors with subjects that feature natural sceneries via portraits of waterfalls, mountain ranges, and floral patterns. These accents are sure to introduce calm and tranquility to your living space. 

If you’re going for a contemporary vibe that exudes class and sophistication, opt for artworks with abstract or geometric prints. They work perfectly as a centerpiece for a dining room, foyer, or family room. Apart from adding character to the walls, these easily double as conversation starters when you have friends and family over. 

Wood or canvas pieces with positive statements and typography might just be what you need for a daily pick-me-up. Mount them above the headboard of your bed or put them on your desk to start and end your day on a positive note.

For something bold and intriguing, try our psychedelic tapestries and wall posters. Expand your mind with the mesmerizing concentric details of mandalas and tie-dye designs. Or, tune in to your innermost thoughts with imagery of buddha and the seven chakras.

Tasteful and Functional Wall Racks, Mirrors, Hanging Hooks, and Doormats 

Wall decorations aren’t purely ornamental; you can choose functional pieces that help organize your things or improve your daily routines. For example, use enclosed wood cabinets or chicken wire racks to store picture frames, kitchenware, or personal items. Hanging hooks can be placed by the door to hang coats, hats, and scarves; or in the bathroom to keep towels off the floor. 

Hanging mirrors are elegant accents that scatter natural light and can make a room feel larger. Those with a minimalist trim go well with modern interiors, while frames with intricate motifs can be paired with spaces in more traditional styles.

When deciding which wall art to put up for a specific room, one of the most important things to consider is how it would complement the wall color and furniture arrangement. Also, pay attention to whether or not it would match the interior style - whether modern, fancy, elegant, glam, or traditional. Choose from our fabulous collection of wall decor and create an atmosphere that reflects your best self.