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10 Oversized Bags for All Your Summer Essentials

10 Oversized Bags for All Your Summer Essentials

10 Oversized Bags for All Your Summer Essentials

This summer we’re going big! Oversized bags are the trend for the season and we couldn’t be happier. For all the summer outings we’ve planned, we can fit all our essentials into one fun and stylish bag. 

We’ve picked 10 oversized bags that can carry all the essentials for your summer adventures - be they in the city or by the beach. We also added our suggestions for matching pouches that can be placed inside your big tote. The small pouches also come in handy as clutches for parties and events. Plus, we couldn’t resist recommending outfits and accessories to go with your bag for a complete holiday OOTD. 

Summer just got more exciting!

1 Shine bright with metallics

Shop the Metallic Striped Straw Beach Tote w/ Circular Handle, $29.95

Let yourself shine in the crowd with the Metallic Striped Straw Beach Tote w/ Circular Handle and the Bailey Pouch in silver. Metallics aren’t only for the evening, they’re for day use, too. Another option for a metallic bag  would be the Straw Metallic Printed Circle Tote.

2 Go neutral with natural materials

Shop the Spring Straw Bag with Bow, $80.95

Look naturally chic with this Spring Straw Bag with Bow paired with the Multi Floral Pattern Pouch. The natural materials with the black ribbon detail make the two look as if they were made for each other. 

3 Celebrate summer with color

Shop the Spring Lurex Tote with Double Handles, $80.95

Be simple yet stylish with the Spring Lurex Tote with Double Handles. Pair it with the Multi Color Aztec Print Pouch for a colorful surprise inside. 

4 Go wild with animal print

Shop the Leopard Straw Shopper with Tassel, $88.95

Try a fierce yet feminine feel with the Leopard Straw Shopper with Tassel paired with the Spring Straw Leopard Clutch. It’s a perfect match. 

5 Choose bold geometric patterns

Shop the Geometric Print Hobo Bag, $50.95

Print lovers everywhere will adore this Geometric Print Hobo Bag, in black or denim, together with the Multi Color Pattern Pouch. Notice the diamond-shaped patterns in both that make them complementary.

6 Be picnic-ready always

Shop the Insulated Beach Tote "Hola Beaches" Slogan, $34.95

Get ready to party with the Insulated Beach Tote "Hola Beaches" Slogan paired with the Rose Felt Purse in Pink. Other versions you can try are the Insulated Beach Tote "Drink In Hand Toes In Sand" Slogan and the Insulated Beach Tote "Life Is A Beach" Slogan. This is a great bag to hold your drinks and snacks while under the sun, whether at a picnic at the park, at a camping trip, or by the beach. 

7 Cruise and sail with sophisticated totes 

Shop The Hamptons Canvas Beach Tote, $49.95

Feel the sophistication with the Hamptons Canvas Beach Tote and the Hamptons Logo Clutch Straw. Get ready to flaunt the pair at seaside resorts or while on a cruise, definitely hot summer destinations.

8 Have fun with quirky designs

Shop the Cotton Beach Tote With Patches, $29.95

If you’re a fan of quirky items or patches, then this bag is for you. Take the Cotton Beach Tote With Patches and the Handcrafted Hedgehog Coin Purse to the streets. It’s cute and lightweight, too. 

9 Show your stripes

Shop the Striped Straw Circle Tote, $29.95

Who doesn’t like stripes? Carry this Striped Straw Circle Tote with the Hamptons Corner Logo Straw Clutch to match.

10 Carry around the sun

Shop the Large Straw Circle Bag with Cotton Handles, $88.95

Celebrate the sun with bags in round shapes, like the Large Straw Circle Bag with Cotton Handles and the Ari Clutch, which has a half-circular flap. They both have a natural look that screams tropical vacation.

There’s A Bag For Each One

Take your pick from our oversized bag collection and head off ready for the summer. There’s no more excuse to forget anything or leave an item behind now that there’s more space in your bag. Enjoy each day of summer with all your essentials. 

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