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Did Stein Mart go out of business?

No, Stein Mart is still in business and continues to happily serve the community and our loyal customers online! Although our physical retail locations are now closed, you can continue to shop for the same high-quality products with exceptional customer service on


Can you still shop Stein Mart online?

Absolutely! Stein Mart is here to stay and you can easily shop with more convenience than ever online at

What is Stein Mart called now?

The Stein Mart name has not changed at all. Although Stein Mart now operates under new management, the iconic brand continues to provide exceptional apparel and accessories online.


Who purchased Stein Mart?

Retail Ecommerce Ventures acquired Stein Mart at the beginning of 2021


Who is taking over Stein Mart?

Retail Ecommerce Ventures is taking over Stein Mart’s Ecommerce operations.

Which Stein Mart locations are closing?

All physical Stein Mart stores are closed. Our online store will continue to be the source for all your fashionable favorites.

When did Stein Mart close?

Due to the changing retail landscape of brick-and-mortar vs. online stores, Stein Mart began closing physical retail locations in 2020. This was a strategic business move to focus on Stein Mart’s Ecommerce success.

Can you still open a Stein Mart credit card?

Stein Mart credit cards are no longer available.

Can you still use your Stein Mart credit card?

No, unfortunately you cannot use an existing Stein Mart credit card on the website.


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