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10 Statement Pieces To Wear For Thanksgiving

10 Statement Pieces To Wear For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost here! One of the biggest holidays of the year falls on November 25. We may still be in a pandemic but we always have a reason to give thanks. Celebrating life, good health, and seeing friends and family again is always the reason! It’s still a few more weeks until we bring out the turkey from the oven and enjoy it with cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn on the cob, dinner rolls, and of course, pumpkin pie - yum! With a whole feast to devour, wearing comfortable clothing is also part of the tradition because we all know we need to make room for all that food! 


If you’re already wondering what to wear for this joyous occasion, Steinmart has a number of ready-to-wear pieces that will not only captivate everyone around you but also make you feel comfortable. Here are 10 statement pieces we recommend for your Thanksgiving dinner attire, whether you’ll be spending it with just family or celebrating big time with all your friends. 


The traditional Thanksgiving table spread complements the colors of fall. It’s a combination of orange, yellow, red, and brown hues with hints of green. You want to highlight those gorgeous colors but of course you don’t want to blend in. Here are our suggestions on how to make an impact. 


The Dramatic Red Jumpsuit

This monochromatic outfit is the perfect striking number for a holiday feast. Since red is a basic color, you can match it with any other color of your choice for your shoes and accessories. You can dress it up with fab heels and gold earrings or you can dress it down with sneakers. The neckline and the cut of the fabric give it a feminine flair that will also draw attention to your face instead of your midsection. Best of all, it’s loose enough to accommodate and cover up your feast-satisfied tummy.




A Bright Orange Kaftan

Another gorgeous yet tummy-friendly piece is the graceful kaftan. Kaftans are easy to wear. You will always be comfortable without being body conscious - very important if you just want to relax with loved ones. Kaftans may be comfy but the best thing about them is they make you look so sophisticated. This beautiful kaftan incorporates an abstract white design that breaks up all that bright orange. Go full posh by wearing gold strappy heels and golden bangles, or just keep the relaxed vibe with slippers.



Romantic Floral Dress

Fall may be all about leaves and pumpkins but florals are still popular this season. If you feel that fall is such a romantic time, then this piece is a lovely pick. This dress still carries the colors of fall in its oh-so feminine combination of small and big floral patterns. The ladylike silhouette is secretly stretchy in the tummy area so you can eat all you want. Wearing a patterned outfit will take the pressure off having to accessorize as the pattern is already your main accent. Pair this piece with neutral footwear and dangling earrings and you’re good to go.


A Swishy Pleated Skirt

Whether you’re the hostess who needs to run around the party or a giddy guest who likes to dance the night away, you’ll want this floral pleated skirt! All eyes will be on you as you move around the room as the skirt swishes with your every move. A full skirt like this exudes a relaxed and fun vibe, which you would like the dinner atmosphere to be. Pick out a color from the pattern and then use that color for your top. Complete your outfit with strappy sandals or heels to keep your look fresh. 



Animal-Print Maxi

This dress is for those who aren't afraid to be in the spotlight. Animal print is not for the faint of heart and this dress is definitely attention-grabbing because of its thin straps and low neckline. Think of yourself as that wild cat going through a forest of fallen leaves, ready to catch your prey. That’s how you’ll feel as you walk through the door - ready to take on a banquet! You’ll still look elegant throughout the meal (happy note: the dress accommodates full tummies!). Wear comfortable espadrilles or flats in neutral colors to keep the theme of your look. You may choose to accessorize or not as the dress itself is already a show stopper.



The Demure Dress

This mini dress is so cute! It may be demure on top but it’s a party below. The sheer long sleeves and pussy-bow neckline is sweet and very chic. But if you want to show some skin, let that flirty mini skirt work for you. The green vertical stripe also draws attention from your face down to your legs and gives you the illusion of length and slimness. The loose midsection guarantees that no one will notice if you gained a pound or two after the entire meal. Pair this dress with nude heels to make your legs look longer. Just put on a simple pair of earrings to complete the look.



The Peasant-Style Outfit

Thanksgiving definitely reminds us of the pilgrims that started this tradition by giving thanks for their bountiful harvest. With that, we can’t help but also think of the conservative peasant-style fashion as appropriate for this occasion. Just check out this feminine outfit of matching blouse and skirt. It celebrates the season of bounty with its rich colors of auburn and green. The waist is elastic so this outfit is very forgiving to those of us who like to enjoy our meal. The wine color is flattering on any skin tone so the outfit may be modest but it will still make you look amazing. 


The Bold Piece

If you’re looking for an item that will make everyone at the party go, “Wow!”, this may just be the piece you’re looking for. With a combination of see-through lace, faux leather, and polyester, it’s hard to miss. Commit to its sexy vibe by wearing it with a cream pencil skirt or tone it down with loose black trousers. Stilettos in black or nude will tie the outfit together.



White Ensemble with a Twist

You can never go wrong with basic colors, especially white. But basic doesn’t have to mean boring, especially when your outfit shows off skin like this! This white ensemble literally involves a twist - a thin wrap-tie detail on that bold midriff-baring top, and another wider wrap-tie by the waist of that full skirt. If you’re very confident about your body, this is the outfit for you! It’s also a bold choice to wear all white to an eating party but if you’re very careful, you’ll keep your outfit pristine and your look a standout! This whole dreamy look is easy to wear, breezy, and classic at the same time. It’s tailored yet relaxed so you will still feel at ease during the entire party. Pair this outfit with any shoe of your choice.



Wide-Leg Pants

Not a fan of dresses and skirts especially when you want to just lounge around and eat? We get it. We love a great pair of pants, too. If you’re looking for bottoms that you can pair with the numerous tops in your closet, this is the versatile pair for you. Its relaxed and wide-legged style allows for ease of movement. It comes with an adjustable belt so you won’t have to worry about any pinching sensation at the waist. The belt detail gives your outfit the right amount of chic accent. With olive being close to neutral, you can pair these pants with other neutral shades or go bold with bright hues.


A Time to Remember

The Thanksgiving holiday is always a day to look forward to, not only for the chance to see our loved ones again but also to make memories with them. The main event may be the delicious food but the true celebration is what each one brings to the table - moments to be thankful for, words of gratitude, a positive attitude, and appreciation for each other. Honor all that with how you present yourself for this wonderful occasion by looking good and feeling good.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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