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5 Most Popular Colors For Fall and How to Wear Them

5 Most Popular Colors For Fall and How to Wear Them

Last season showcased a number of bright colors embodying the hope and dreams that designers and the rest of the industry felt. This season carries with it the same sentiment expressed in bold and flashing hues. Instead of the usual darker shades like grays, browns and maroons we see in fall staples, we’re seeing neons and pastels that are usually reserved for spring and summer. This time around, the color trend is all out from head to toe. We’re not talking about accent pieces but full outfits.


Steinmart is bringing you five of the most popular colors for fall and showing you how you can wear them to the streets. We have fabulous pieces and products that will fit right into your closet for the fall days ahead.



This particular hue is named by Pantone as Fuschia Fedora (Pantone 18-2330) which is vivid, flirtatious and bold pink with allure. Think Elle Woods style if you’ve ever watched Legally Blonde. It exudes confidence to the highest level. Some would even say it is not a color but an attitude. 


How to Wear It: You may try a midi dress or pick a coquettish feminine top and pair it with pants of the same shade. If your top is loose, match it with fitted or straight pants. Pick a silhouette that’s right for your body type. Monochromatic outfits project length that will flatter all body types. 


Don’t forget to bundle up when outdoors. Don a scarf or coat over your outfit for protection from the weather.


Check out these great fuchsia pieces: 



Then accessorize with feminine heels of the same shade or stick to neutral colors if you want to tone it down. Try these sandals that have a chain accent piece, which is also very popular this season.


Jewelry for the season is all about chains, gold accents and striking pieces. Finish your outfit with these gold dangling earrings that have jeweled accents. You’ll fit right into this season’s trend.


Why not try pairing your pink OOTD with this clutch that has a tinge of the same color to tie the entire outfit together.


This season’s shade of red is not just any red. It’s a vigorous one called by Pantone as Fire Whirl (Pantone 18-1453). It has a dynamic presence to it; symbolizing passion, love, courage and even rage. Whatever you may be feeling, this shade can be a reflection of it. Demanding attention, it has a great emotional impact to the one who wears it and to those who see it. It exudes a desire to experience the fullness of living leading to constant activity. Doesn’t the word Vixen come to mind? 


How to Wear it: Try a jumpsuit as seen above or a midi dress and pair it with daring jewelry and an accent clutch.


Here are some pieces you may want to try:


How to Wear it: If you already have existing red pieces at home, you may want to mix and match them with these other items for a fresh look. 




This year’s blue is called Mykonos Blue (Pantone 18-4434). It’s a brisk blue evocative of the Aegean Sea. As with most blues, it has a calming effect. We saw this hue on the runway in dresses, puffers, and denim, to name a few.  


How to wear it: If you choose to wear a maxi dress or a jumpsuit in full color, just accessorize it with bedazzled jewelry. Another jewelry trend this season is precious stones. Or try a denim-on-denim outfit. We all have pairs of blue jeans at home. Match it with a denim top and accessorize. You can never go wrong with denim in any season. Having a few is never a bad thing.


Here are some jumpsuits that may interest you:


Check out this denim jacket to go with your jeans:


Shop the Six Button Denim Jacket - Plus, $76.95


Then try pairing them with these interesting earrings:




Can you hear Coldplay’s “Yellow” in the background as you think of this optimistic yellow which is truly Illuminating (Pantone 13-0647). The hue is friendly and joyful, offering the promise of a sunny day. We all need that warmth and positivity it brings in our lives right now.  


How to wear it: Try a maxi dress for a bright and fresh look paired with subtle earrings. You can try flashy ones as well if your bold personality calls for it. Whichever way will complete the look and turn heads wherever you go.


Try these earrings:



Another option would be to go with separates.As much as possible, pair a top and bottom of the same shade to make it a full look. Try a blouse with loose fitting pants. Accentuate it with a chain belt, which is popular this season. Or match the blouse with a full skirt.


Here are some items you may want to check out:




Adobe (Pantone 17-1340) is a warm and supportive sun-dried clay hue. It gives off a reddish brown tone seen in desert homes made of clay. It’s earthy and warm as well as neutral. This hue pairs well with other warm tones and for this season, we’re trying a full top-to-bottom adobe look. Adobe gives off a sophisticated vibe whatever age you may be.


How to wear it: Just like the other colors, if you are going for a maxi dress, all you need is to pair it with the right accessories to polish off the look. 



Take a look at these unique pieces:


You can also try combining fitted pants with a long vest or a long blouse. Don’t forget to choose the right accessories that will complement your outfit. 


Here are some pieces that may suit your style:



Wear some color this fall

Fall season brings to mind nostalgia and sentimental feelings, but look at Mother Nature’s dazzling display of golds, oranges, reds, and yellows to take your cue that fall can be bright, too! Don’t be afraid to put some color into your days especially now that we’re bundled in dark coats and sweaters. Pick the brightest hue that goes well with your skin tone and will bring out the radiance in you. Be bold and colorful. Update your wardrobe and try this season’s popular colors. Step out onto the streets in style with the latest arrivals from Stein Mart.


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