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After a year of living in sweats, we finally have a reason to dress up again. All our plans are getting rearranged (slowly but surely), but it won’t hurt to start creating outfit ideas as early as now. It’s about time we rediscover the thrill of getting glammed up for any occasion, whether it’s a garden wedding or a casual backyard brunch with the family.

Ahead, we’ve listed some of our favorite styles that we’ll be seeing throughout the many events we’re attending this year. Floral dresses, long-sleeved tops, and lightweight knits are perfect for the next few weeks, while poppin’ hues and funky prints are ready to greet the warm summer sun in June.

Summer styles will truly rule the roost on this list, from elevated basics to fashion-forward pieces. Keep scrolling to find new items to add to your growing wishlist.


Garden Wedding

There are a few factors to consider when choosing an outfit for an outdoor wedding: the weather, dress code, and what time the ceremony will be. Don’t be overwhelmed with your options because there will be a lot. From chiffon dresses to embellished gowns to three-piece dusters, there’s something for every style.

Just like everyone else, we’re excited to dress up, do our hair and makeup, and put on heels—three things we can’t believe we’re doing again this year. However, more than the ‘getting glammed up’ part, you also want to make sure you’re not overly dressed for the occasion. Balance is key.

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Weekend Brunch

Who doesn’t miss spending lazy, late breakfasts with friends? If you have brunch plans this week, we got your OOTD covered. Nothing feels better than slipping out of your WFH joggers and rubber slides. You’d want to wear an outfit that stays true to your style, and there’s no such thing as “too much effort.” Also, aim to dress sensibly. Opt for looser pieces that are comfortable to eat in, then wear flats or sneakers. If you want to add a bit of height to your look, go for block heels or wedges.

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Ladies’ Night

Whether you’re having an at-home dinner with your girlfriends or going to a reservation somewhere, there’s no reason for you not to dress your best. It’s still spring, which means floral dresses are firmly on the table. You can always opt for jeans if you want to keep your look simple, then elevate your outfit with a statement top. A lightweight cardigan or sweater is perfect too if you’re dining alfresco. Our rule is the more layers, the better!

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Beach Stroll

We’re so excited to feel the sand between our toes again! With summer being a few months away, we’re taking this opportunity to plan our beach ‘fits way ahead of time. Floral pieces are very much in play, but this time we’re adding bold and bright colors to the mix. Pick out your best swimsuits for when you take a dip, and make sure to pack all the essentials with you, from accessories to beauty products.

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Farmers’ Market

Spend your Sunday morning picking out fresh produce and other food items at the farmers’ market. It’s a slow day, so try to dress in something more laid-back but still stylish; say, a pair of linen trousers and a blouse. An easy dress is also a more elegant option in case you decide to dine out after shopping. Don’t forget to bring an oversized tote to put your items in.

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Antique Shopping

Shopping for vintage is like going on a treasure hunt. You want to be prepared as much as possible, including what you want to wear. We recommend casual dresses that are easy to layer and walk around in since you’ll be scouring countless curiosities for hours.

Pockets are also crucial, so you have easy access to cash, your phone, a hand sanitizer, or a loupe (for when you’re browsing vintage jewelry). Oh, and make sure to wear comfy kicks too!

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Afternoon Picnic

Spring is basically picnic season, so get ready to roll out the blankets and stuff your baskets. We believe that thinking about what to eat at the picnic is just as important as picking out what you wear to it. Choose pieces you can comfortably sit in, preferably made from light, woven fabrics like linen, silk, or cotton. A basket bag seems like an obvious choice, but feel free to use your trusty tote so you can bring more essentials.

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Have fun with fashion again

Whatever event you’re attending, the last thing you’ll want to do is overthink your outfit! This is a special moment to get in touch with your style once again after being buried in holey tees and worn-out pajamas for more than a year. Empty your closet if you have to—as long as you enjoy creating outfits for all your affairs this season.

Discover more new styles here.

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