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Adding Holiday Touches To Your Home

Adding Holiday Touches To Your Home

It’s almost that time of the year when people around the world look forward to celebrating - Christmas! It’s a special season that exudes joy and cheer, love and affection, generosity and selflessness, and lots of warmth (despite the cold weather). It’s the ultimate occasion that we like to make special in every possible way through the food we serve, the gifts we give, the clothes we wear, and of course, the decorations we put up. Nothing ushers in the season quite like a festively decorated home!


Just like Easter and Halloween, there are certain themes, colors, and items that are usually put in place to make the season more felt. Christmas colors are an abundance of red, green, and white with hints of gold and silver here and there. You’ll see more natural elements indoors like holly, berries, pine cones, twigs, and even snow (the artificial one, of course). You’ll see Santa and his reindeer everywhere, even though it’s not yet Christmas Eve. You’ll also see the rest of the traditional Christmas characters like elves, polar bears, and snowmen. 


Decorations are a means of sharing old traditions with kids and adults alike about what the season means and how it is celebrated. Since it only comes once a year, make it a time that will be unforgettable for yourself and your family.


It may only be the first week of December but it’s not too early to decorate. We at Steinmart have several items that will help you create the right tone for your home and set the mood for the Christmas season. Add holiday touches that will brighten your space and increase the Christmas cheer.

Accent Pieces


Accent pieces add points of interest to your home. They’re usually eye-catching, special, and even one-of-a-kind. Usually, you can have about a few of these pieces placed in main spots like the foyer, on the living room coffee table, or on the dining room buffet table. These special pieces can be tabletop items, centerpieces, or even wall hangings. Pick one that will suit your personality best.



Pillow Covers


Themed pillow covers give an easy holiday touch to your living room, bedroom, or cozy corners. They add color to neutral bases like your sofa or your bed. What’s great about our selection of pillowcases is the texture of the 3D elements that are part of the design.


Explore more pillow covers here. 


Wall Art


Let your walls do the talking and cover them with messages of comfort and joy! If you want to keep things simple, you can opt to replace your usual wall hangings with themed wall art just for the season then change it back again to your staple artwork come the new year. 



Check out more wall art here.


Dish Towels


Make your time in the kitchen a merry one with holiday-themed dishtowels! Ours will surely liven up your kitchen and inspire you to prepare exciting meals for the season. You can never have too many of these as you’ll need to keep changing them daily, what with all the cooking and washing up to do this busy holiday time! 

Shop the Assorted Naughty Nice Holiday Printed Dishtowel (Set of 2), $14.99

Shop the Metallic Confetti Dishtowel (Set of 2), $14.99

Shop the Assorted Holiday Ornaments Embellished Dishtowel (Set of 3), $32.99

Shop the Asst Christmas Tree Farm Embellished Dishtowels Set/3, $25.99


Table Runners


Who doesn’t like seeing the dinner table all spruced up with glitter and gold? We’ve got various table runners that will add glam to your table for festive meals with family and friends. Table runners are perfect for those who don’t want to use a full table cloth. These uplift the mood of your table setting and mark the difference between an ordinary day and a holiday.

Shop the Silver Christmas Collage Table Runner 14x72, $14.99

Shop the Christmas Buffalo Check With Embroidery Table Runner, $32.99

Shop the Kitchen & Tabletop Jolly Tree Collection Table Runner, Nutcracker Plaid, 14x108", $19.99

Shop the Holiday Woods Printed Table Runner 14x108, $24.99

Shop the Winter Sparkle Jacquard Table Runner 14x72, $21.95

Table Setting


Aside from table runners, these festive items for your table setting will complete the mood for the meal. Themed trays, coasters, placemats, napkins, and tableware for special occasions are also good to have around the house. These items can be used for several years so buying them is an investment. These are also good reminders for your kids or guests that the occasion is truly an extraordinary one.



Shop the Beary Christmas Doormat, $35.99


Choosing the right doormat is very important. It will set the tone of your entire holiday decor and theme. This will be one of the first, if not the first, things that your family members and guests see when they arrive at your doorstep. Once they see this happy mat welcoming them to your home, they will have an idea of what to expect when they enter your house. Don’t underestimate the value of this item - which has gone up recently by the fact that we need to disinfect our shoes before entering the house.

Shop the Snowman Doormat, $35.99

Shop the Owl Be Home For Christmas Doormat, $35.99

Shop the Merry Christmas Truck Doormat, $35.99 


A Special Time of the Year

Christmas is definitely a time to remember and you would like the memories to be positive and cheerful to combat the negativities of the year. You won’t easily forget the holidays if you put an effort to make it extra special for yourself and your family through the holiday touches you add to your home. Let your home exude the joy and warmth of love throughout the Christmas season.


Shop more holiday items here. 


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