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Clothing Trends and Pieces From the 80s That We Still Love and Embrace Today

Clothing Trends and Pieces From the 80s That We Still Love and Embrace Today


Excess was the name of the game in 1980s fashion. Everything was opulent, flamboyant, and completely glitzy. Ladies wore power suits and trendy colors and silhouettes throughout the day to express just how free and confident they can be. Come evening, they dressed up in sequins and one-shoulder gowns.

Ready or not, the 1980s have returned in full force. Any of the era's key styles are making a resurgence in apparel, from shoulder pads to power suits and everything in between. If you're hesitant or cynical about the revival, it's time to put your prejudices aside and hold an open mind. Take some of the decade's most iconic and definitive trend moments and give them a 21st-century twist!


Bright in Neon 

Lime greens, royal blues, and hot pinks - the 80s’ was a time to embrace being bold and standing out in the crowd. The neon colors perfectly reflected the rising tide of hope at the dawn of the decade. Channeling the bright hues of highlighters and fluorescent signs, there was unmistakable energy that rushed through this era’s music, pop culture, and fashion. 

Want to bring some cheerfulness to your wardrobe? Step out of your comfort zone with key statement pieces in bold colors. Whether it’s in your everyday athleisure look or leveling up your office wear, they add just the right pop of personality to your look.

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Sequined Glamour

Sequins may have been reserved for evening looks back in the day. The decadence and glamour of the 1980s live on in these shimmery beads. They’re shiny, sparkly, and can’t help but make even the simplest garment shape into a shimmering show-stopper. Doesn’t it just take you back to groovy nights at the disco?

Subtlety is out of the question when it comes to pulling off this glittery ensemble. But, toning it down a bit can also make unique and eye-catching looks for different occasions. Mix and match your sequined number with casual pieces like a minimalist overcoat, and throw on a classy pair of flats or sneakers.

Styles you might like: 

Retro Prints

Stripes and polka dots are classic patterns that never go out of style! From structured silhouettes to loose-fitting garments, printed fabrics lend artistry and a timeless charm to what you wear.    

Although the black-and-white combination is the most classic and popular, polka dots and stripes are great staples in any color. You can pair a striped sweater with a monochrome skirt or trousers. You can also accentuate a polka-dotted dress with a thick belt and matching shoes to keep your look posh and elegant.

Styles you might like: 


Ruffle Fantasy

Ruffles can now be seen on a wide range of clothing, from shirts, coats, trousers, skirts, dresses, and even shoes and bags. Best of all, you can wear this '80s style wherever you like. More formal ruffles will reference glam evening looks, while sheer and floaty ruffles will reference retro prom looks.

Give your wardrobe a feminine touch with puffed, billowing sleeves. Its well-known soft and flowy fabric isn't just perfect for spring and summer outfits; it also works well as an accent detail for a whimsical dress on an afternoon day out or a sophisticated nostalgic piece for dinner.

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Vintage Grunge

Oversized denim jackets were a big success in the 1980s, particularly when pop artists turned them into classics for casual looks and concert wear. Meanwhile, bomber jackets, with their structured shoulders and cinched waist, had a realistic yet trendy appeal. Once synonymous with punks and trouble makers, these jackets have casual and high fashion appeal to this day.

Paired with retro accessories and bomber jackets, and oversized denim pieces are absolute must-haves in your yearly wardrobe. They are versatile and perfect for layering. 

For spring and summer, an excellent alternative would be long and flowy kimonos in sorbet colors. They can take you from the beach as a swimsuit cover-up to the city as a light layering option for balmy evenings. 

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A Decade of Breaking the Rules

Fashion in the 1980s was confident, courageous, and loud, and it was everything that style should be in the modern world! Women set standards, but they were given credit for revolutionizing fashion with designs that have remained signature statements to this day.

Though some of them did not last long and were overhyped, the majority defied the changing times. The 1980s are slowly but steadily making a comeback. Get on this time machine now if you don't want to miss out on seeing how fitting in means daring to stand out.


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