Decorating Your Home For Halloween

Decorating Your Home For Halloween

Halloween is one of those holidays that are extra fun to celebrate. It’s both a funny and spooky event and calls for creative costumes, too. And don’t forget the overflowing candy! What’s not to like Halloween?


Both kids and adults alike look forward to the last day of October to celebrate what used to be called All Hallow’s Eve. The tradition started with the ancient Celtic festival called Samhain, when the Celts would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Later, in the 8th Century, the Catholic Church designated November 1 as All Saints Day, and the previous day was known to be All Hallow’s Eve.


All Hallow’s Eve evolved from being a festival to ward off ghosts to a day of activities like trick-or-treating, carving jack o’ lanterns, dressing up in costumes or making one, and eating lots of candies or homemade treats. This day is now known as Halloween.


Decorating one’s home is a popular activity for families. Parents, grandparents, and the entire neighborhood happily set the hair-raising atmosphere for the kids so they get excited for the activities of the day.


To help you embellish your home with accents and the colors of season, we have curated some items and looks that you and your family will love.


Themed Accents

Shop the Tray With Metal Stand, $59.99

Accent pieces are great for creating a vibe without having to change all the furnishings and decor in your home. You can store them easily and bring them out when you need to. Have a few pieces for every special occasion that can be used every year. Items that are practical are even better as they are not just for aesthetic purposes. Consider having storage bins, dish towels, doormats, placemats, or tablecloths that carry the theme to set the mood. 


Here are some items you may want to check out:

Shop the Jack O' Lantern Dishtowel (Set of 2), $10.99 
Shop the Halloween Happy Haunting Wicked Treats, Embellished Dishtowels Set of 3, $27.99
Shop the Cats Meow Polyester Round Small Pet Storage Bin, $12.99
Shop the Pumpkin Silhouette Throw Pillow, $54.99
Shop the Cutout Pumpkin Harvest Led Lantern, $49.99


Seasonal Pieces

Shop the Orange Round Polypropylene Woven Placemat (Set of 6), $27.95

Aside from having themed accent pieces, we recommend having elements that can be used throughout the entire fall season. Choose items that depict autumn colors to create that warm and cozy atmosphere that will complement the weather around you.


Go with furnishings that you can easily change or use to mix and match with your other decors like throw pillow covers, placemats, blankets, table napkins, table runners, and other similar items.


Here are some suggestions for your home:

Shop the Decorative Pillow, Campfire Square, $48 
Shop the Twin Quilt, Campfire Square, $190
Shop the Pumpkin Spice Farmhouse Plush Plaid Throw, $27.95


Paintings or Wall Decor

Shop the Watercolor Fall Aspens Square Canvas Giclee, $65.95

The delightful thing about paintings and wall decor is their flexibility. Since they are not permanently attached to the wall, you can change them every so often to complement the season. It’s an easy way to spice things up in your home without spending too much. Paintings liven up a space with its colors and concept. Changing your paintings, prints, or wall decor from time to time will help make your space look different every season. It’s a more practical way than redecorating the entire space or changing your wallpaper.


Choose paintings that feature beautiful images that evoke the season and theme-specific ones. You can choose a print of a harvest of pumpkins to hang beside artwork that showcases the colors of fall. An abstract painting of splashes of orange, yellow and red will look good. 


Here are some decor that may look great in your space:

Shop the Bussum In Fall Canvas Giclee, $49.95
Shop the Watercolor Harvest Teal and Orange Pumpkins I Canvas Giclee, $65.95
Shop the Interchangeable Welcome To Our Home Sign W/Wreath, $49.99
Shop the Fall Gnomes Sentiment landscape I Welcome Fall Canvas Giclee, $65.95
Shop the Trick or Treat House Canvas Giclee, $64.95



Once you’ve created the mood at home with accent pieces and furnishing, make sure to complement the space with your wardrobe. Match your environment by wearing clothes appropriate to the season or choose pieces that carry the popular colors of fall. Details are always the most important upon setting the tone. 


Here are some ideas for your closet update - whether it be for the entire season or for Halloween, if you choose not to wear a costume:


Accent Outerwear

Shop the Sukiso Women's Curve Enhancing Goddess Long Zebra Kimono Blouse, $92.95


Just like having accent pieces for the home, it’s always a smart idea to have accent clothing that you can easily put on or remove. These will not only highlight your basic clothing, but it’s also an easier way to match the tones of your environment. Outerwear that can emphasize your look can consist of kimonos or shawls, scarves, gloves, hats, and the like. 


Here are some options for you to choose from:

Sukiso Women's Rust Hydra Goddess Kimono, $77.26
Shop the Georgia Tan Kimono Scarf, $34
Shop the Long Scarf Soft Shawl Wrap Scarfs Blanket Fashion Head Stole Lady Women Scarves, $47.95
Shop the Women Floral Scarf Jacquard Scarves Paisley Pashmina Acrylic Shawl Wrap Stole, $43.95



Shop the Fara High Neck Front Slit Sheath Dress, $114.95


If you’re looking to add key staples to your wardrobe for this season that can be used for various occasions, a dress would be a lovely choice. The nice thing about a dress is it’s a complete outfit in itself. It’s an easy choice and flexible enough to go from day-to-night events. Dresses have that versatility to go from casual to formal depending on how you accessorize it. 


Here are some suggestions that are highly versatile and easy to wear:


Plain colors

Shop the Olivia Draped One Shoulder Sheath Dress, $103.95


Having dresses in plain colors make it easy to mix and match. The outfit can look different depending on what shoes, bag, and accessories you style it with. A monochrome dress is a versatile piece of clothing so get the most flattering ones in several colors. These pieces can even be used for other seasons.

Shop the Celia Extended Shoulder Turtle Neck Dress - Plus, $81.95 
Shop the 24Seven Comfort Apparel Midi Length Fit N Flare Pocket Maternity Dress, $58.95


Printed Dresses

Shop the Button Kaftan Dress for Women - Plus, $69.95

The advantage of printed dresses is that there is barely any need to accessorize as the pattern on the fabric is already eye-catching. But even with prints, you can still make your look different every time by switching up your styling and using different bags and shoes.

Shop the Harlow Off The Shoulder Floral Print Maxi Dress, $107.95
Shop the Draped Crewneck Long Sleeve Dress, $103.95



Change is inevitable as the seasons are a natural phenomenon, but it can be fun. We always look for opportunities to create positive change in our lives and decorating the home and updating our wardrobe are some of them. Make your Halloween and the rest of the fall season colorful and exciting with these fantastic finds that will spruce up your living spaces and your style. Create that autumnal vibe in your home and in your wardrobe so that you, your family, and your guests can truly experience the season. 


Check other items for your home here.

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