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Do It Like the French: How to Perfect Parisian Style

Do It Like the French: How to Perfect Parisian Style

French women have mastered the art of uncomplicated dressing. That is, dressing effortlessly chic in classic pieces and seasonless prints. Their “fashion guidelines” are pretty straightforward, to say the least; neutral palettes that consist of rust, tan, white, and black, elevated styles, tailored pieces, and even vintage items. You’ll find it difficult to spot French women don bright clothing, but even if you do, it’s almost always perfectly balanced by neutral or relaxed pieces.

Parisian style is heavily grounded on basics, but it doesn’t shy away from bold silhouettes, statement jewelry, or a fun mix of colors every once in a while. Just take a look at some of the most popular French fashion icons. Whether you’re inspired by Jane Birkin’s affinity for basket bags or Jeanne Damas’ love for sleek and modern pieces, they’re both huge influences in French street style.

Below, emulate and channel your inner Parisian with pieces that define the City of Love.


Printed Midi Dresses

Mid-length dresses are the epitome of French summer dressing, more so if it’s adorned with beautiful prints. Think stripes, polka dots, or simple florals. This silhouette is flattering for all body types, which is why it’s a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. Style it with sparkling gold jewelry, chic flats or espadrilles, and a simple bag.

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Straight-Leg Pants

Of all the styles available, straight-cut pants are perhaps the most flattering. They do a good job in giving the appearance of longer, slimmer legs, plus they go with any top. Opt for denim if you want something more casual, or go for linen if you want an elevated look.

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Cat Eye Sunglasses

Thanks to the Old Hollywood aesthetic, this silhouette evokes the perfect vintage look. The elongated, upward frames flatter most face shapes and instantly spice up any casual outfit. Wear your sunnies with a classic statement top, jeans, flats, and a beret.

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One-Piece Swimsuits

The French version of this classic silhouette is modest but can include stylishly placed cutouts, necklines, and even embellishments. Look for something with cute prints like stripes and florals, as well as bright colors.

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Basket Bags

Regardless of the season, woven bags are a tried-and-true staple for French women. They have a timeless appeal and are versatile, functional, and easy to style. Since most of them are designed as beach bags, they’re roomy and can hold a lot of items without losing their structure. It’s the best accessory to go with your summer midi dress.

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Frilly Blouses

Fluttery tops in classic hues like red, navy, white, and cream are all French girl-approved. Modern silhouettes like puff sleeves and cropped lengths elevate your look. Simply pair with straight-leg jeans, flats, and dainty jewelry to create a casual yet chic ensemble.

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Invest in the right pieces

French style should be simple, straightforward, yet sophisticated. The key to nailing a Parisian-inspired closet is knowing which pieces to buy. Whether you’re dressing for spring, summer, fall, or winter, these wardrobe essentials will have you looking très chic all year round.


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