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Dress Up in Hot Summer Hues

Dress Up in Hot Summer Hues

Dress Up in Hot Summer Hues 

The sunny days of summer bring out bright and bold moods and we celebrate these with the clothes we wear. Pastels that call to mind ice cream and lemonade, vibrant tones that mirror blue skies and green grass, and deep hues of sunsets and hot summer nights guarantees we stay as colorful as we can to bring out more joy and positive vibes into our lives. 

We’ve got new arrivals that will help you stay colorful throughout summer. While we can play around with all the colors of the rainbow, we’ll focus on certain palettes that speak of the summer season. Check them out. 

Sunrise Surprise

Yellow Off Shoulder Shirred Summer Dress - Plus

What’s summer without the sun? Yellow is the first color that comes to mind but there’s more to it when you look clearly at the horizon when dawn breaks the sky. Sunrise carries with it a tinge of blue, purple, orange, aside from yellow. It shows the transition from the darkness of the night to the brightness of the morning when the sun rises from the other side of the earth. It’s cool to the eyes.

Cool Waters

Butterfly Bliss Off Shoulder Mini Dress - Plus

When summer comes, we usually think of heading to the beach, to a pool, or anywhere with refreshing waters that will cool us from the burning sun. Just thinking of water and seeing blue already helps condition the mind and refresh the body. Depending on which body of water you choose, the liquid comes in several tones of blue or green from light blue, aqua, cool blue, navy, sea green, turquoise, and more. The combination is easy and the effect is invigorating.


Tropical Paradise

Puff Sleeve Smocked Back Lilit Midi Dress - Plus

The best summer vacation spot is surely any tropical island where the sun is bright, the water is blue, the fruits are fresh, and the trees are plentiful. Imagine walking under the coconut trees, eating pineapples, sunbathing on white sand, and swimming in the ocean. There’s a mixture of blue, brown, yellow, orange and green. It’s enough to bring cheer to anyone. 

Desert Adventure

Almeria Puff Sleeve Smocked Linen Midi Dress - Plus

While many prefer the water, there are those who enjoy the sand even more. To find endless sand, the desert is the best place to go. With the light brown base, bright colors pop up in its midst. The color palette of this environment is shades of brown, orange and red with a hint of blue for the sky. 

Sunset Sessions

Sienna One Shoulder Shirred Dress - Plus

A long summer day ends with a beautiful sunset. Watching the sun set on the horizon is a calming activity when you can see touches of pink, purple, orange, yellow and blue. Unlike sunrise, the colors of dusk are more bold and vibrant. They also blend in a different way from how sunrise colors transition. With sunrise, you can see a gradation of colors from dark to light but with sunset, the colors mix together and overlap with each other which produces a soothing effect.

Colorful Days Ahead 

Bring out all the colors in your wardrobe and keep your summer bright and happy. Try all the color palettes and see which one best suits you then invest in those. 

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