Fall Florals: This Season’s Must-Have Print

Fall Florals: This Season’s Must-Have Print

While floral blooms are usually associated with spring and summertime, the botanic print is taking dominance in this season’s fashion. But now, in fall hues. If you love florals, you’re in luck this year. The season’s must-have print allows for an easy shift from your summer wardrobe into your fall apparel.


We won’t be seeing the same bright or neon colors that we’re used to seeing on bikinis, bucket hats, and summer dresses. Nevertheless, you will feel just as refreshed and carefree in the fall counterpart. Look forward to seeing them in sweaters, maxi dresses, long-sleeved blouses, and full-length pants.


We, at Steinmart, have curated the latest floral looks from our collection that will suit your fall wardrobe and become some of your season’s staples. You won’t have to worry about being out of style. We got your back… and we’ll make it fashionable, too!


We’ll show you how you can wear fall florals in various ways to differentiate how you would wear them during spring and summer. The darker shades of this season’s blooms demand a novel style and approach.


Statement Maxi Dresses 

Shop the Sunset Maxi Dress, $129.95

Maxi dresses are beautiful floor-sweeping dresses that make anyone feel like a queen. They can flatter any body type with the right proportion and style. They’re easy to wear for instant glam. This season, we suggest unexpected style mixes.


How to wear: One way to style this look is to pair them with boots. Take the maxi dresses worn by our models with platform heels or even barefoot. How about matching them with ankle boots? See how the boots match the color of one of the flowers on the dress. It will tie up the look perfectly. You may also opt for a black version if you’d like to keep the look dark.

Shop the Embiee Ankle Bootie, $59.95


How to wear: For a short-sleeved dress with a low neckline, try layering it with a long-sleeved turtleneck or fitted top underneath to complete your autumn vibe. Then pair it with a shoe that matches a color in the dress. 

Shop the Carmen Wrap Maxi Dress - Plus, $138.95
Shop the Solid Long Sleeves With Novelty Fold Over Neckline Crew Neck Top, $39.95
Shop the Noelle Low Dress Sandal, $59.95


Layered Midi-Dresses

Shop the Flared Dress With Roll Tab Sleeves, $62.95 

If you prefer a midi dress, then these pieces are for you. Mid-length dresses are feminine and flattering. The A-line skirt skims the body, gently hiding hips and thighs but revealing shapely calves.


How to wear: Pair this look with high-cut boots that will match the colors of your dress and polish off the look with a matching scarf. These will keep you cozy outdoors.

Shop the Willetta Tall Shaft Boot, $79.95 
Shop the Pashmina Solid Scarf Shawl, $31.95 


How to wear: Another way to style this look is to layer the dress with a turtleneck underneath to keep you warm. Then pair the outfit with sleek ankle boots to show off some skin and give an illusion of height. If you would like to try a rather grunge style, try pairing the dress with motorcycle boots or these butter boots below. 

Shop the Lexi Floral Midi Dress, $49.99
Shop the Alison Andrews Puff Sleeve Pullover Sweater, $54.95
Shop the Evvie Ankle Boot, $69.95
Shop the Pastry Sneaker Butter Boot, $65
Shop the Vroomy Ankle Bootie, $69.95

Blossoming Blouses

Shop the Long Sleeve Tassel Woven Top, $45.95

Floral-patterned blouses are a statement on their own. The darker hues of the season’s trend call for pairing them with similar dark tones to create a harmonious effect. 


How to wear: Pairing patterned blouses with dark jeans is a no-fail look. It’s casual and comfortable. Spice up the look by layering it with a leather jacket or any dark plain jacket to give it an edge. It will also lessen the dainty effect if you want to tone down on femininity.

Shop the Stretchy Jeans | Long - Plus, $28.95
Shop the Kaii Double Buckle High-Neck Vegan Leather Biker Jacket, $118.95 


How to wear: Another way to style this look is to pair it with other fall hue-colored bottoms like beige, olive green, or earthy brown. Here are some options to choose from that will match nicely with this top. The skirt below is a good choice if you want a monochromatic look. 

Shop the Adrienne Vittadini Hacci Top With Shirring, $44.95
Shop the Stephanie A-Line Skirt, $130.95
Shop the Lena Gabrielle Light Weight Straight Leg Ponte Pant, $93.95

Decorative Bottoms

Shop the Flower Print Palazzo Pants, $52.95

Floral patterned bottoms show your adventurous side. Not everyone is comfortable sporting patterned pants. But it’s good to have a few in your closet. They bring out freshness amidst all the solid-colored pants and skirts you already have. Don’t worry - they’re not as difficult to wear as you think. 


How to wear: Stay safe and pair the floral pants with a plain colored top. The color of your top should match one of the accent colors in your pants. Let’s say your pants are blue with white and beige accent designs. Go with either white or beige for your top. It can even be two-toned as long as it’s plain.


For the pants above, these tops will match well with it:

Shop the Everyday Favorite Ribbed Knit Top, $52.95
Shop the Hooded Sweater Top, $60.95


How to wear: Another way is to choose the same base or dominant color of your pants for your top to create a more monochromatic look.  

Shop the Flower Print Wide Palazzo Pants - Plus, $55.95
Shop the Novelty Black Lace-Up Pintuck Popover, $36.95
Shop the Bahagia Mystic Blouse, $100


How to wear: One more style tip for this item is to layer the look with the colors of the pattern. This works well if there are more than 2 colors in your bottoms. Pick one color for your shirt and another one for your jacket and/or accessories. 

Shop the Joy Pants, $41.95
Shop the Split Neck Casual Top, $45.95
Shop the Dora Landa Zipper Pocket Boyfriend Blazer, $74.95
Shop the Women Fashion CZ Diamond Shape Tasseled Earring, $31.95

Print on Print

Shop the Two-Piece Flyaway Rose Jacket Dress, $130.95

Go bold with a print-on-print combination. It may not be the easiest style choice but it certainly is daring and rewarding when you get it right. 


How to wear: New to this daring combo? Start by picking a print that will match the colors of your top, similar to these items below:

Shop the Adrienne Vittadini Hacci Top With Shirring, $44.95
Shop the Joy Pants, $41.95


See how the black and white floral print of the top is carried down to the bottom in a bigger version? The combination makes it look as if the two were intentionally made as a pair.


How to wear: For a fresh spin, wear statement denim with an animal print detail and match with a floral top that share the same colors. The combination is still fun as their similar color palette will help harmonize the look. 

Shop the Long Sleeve Tassel Woven Top, $45.95
Shop the Super Stretch Denim with Cheetah Panel - Plus, $74.95


Even with totally different patterns, your outfit can look polished as long as the colors are exactly the same. 

Shop the Pleather Trim Plaid Popover, $36.95
Shop the Flower Print Wide Palazzo Pants - Plus, $55.95


Not Just a Dainty Print

Florals are not just for those who are ultra feminine or always prim and proper. There are multiple ways to wear the print. How you wear it will determine the overall vibe of your outfit. You can make it look chic or grunge, classic or contemporary, plain or adventurous.  Go for this season’s must-have print and rock it. No matter how you choose to wear it, the best accessory will always be your confidence. 


Check out more Fall Florals here. 

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