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Fall/Winter's 6 Best Trends And How To Wear Them In Real Life

Fall/Winter's 6 Best Trends And How To Wear Them In Real Life

September is the start of the Fall to Winter seasons. We’re transitioning from warm sunny days to cooler days and chilly nights. Depending on where you are, you may be experiencing the cascading of colorful autumn leaves and downfall of snow. With the change in weather and temperature, it is also time for a wardrobe change. Put aside your beach wear, shorts and thin cotton or linen clothing and bring out your knits, sweaters, coats, warmers and boots. 


To help you with the fashion transition, we’re rounding up 6 of the best Fall Winter trends and showing you how you can wear them to stay in style for the coming months. Make room in your closets for these up to date pieces.


1. Top-to-bottom White

Get ready for a fresh start after experiencing lockdowns. What better way than to go all white from head-to-toe? The freshness and cleanliness the color evokes is timely for a post-quarantine debut into society. Make a statement in an all-white ensemble whether it be a full length knitted dress or  in layers. 

Wearing a monochromatic color from head to toe gives an illusion of length. It’s the easiest way to look taller or slimmer instantly. Aside from the optical illusion it gives, white is a neutral color that can be worn with any skin tone and it is easy to accessorize.


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2. Playful Prints

If you’d rather go for lots of colors, then this next trend is for you. Playful prints remind us of the carefree past. Let the happy hues set your worries aside! We all crave fun and excitement these days after spending so many hours at home alone or with family. As places and spaces start opening up, allowing for things to go back to a modified normal, why not pack your wardrobe with colorful prints that bring you back to life? Go with full-length maxi dresses or eye-catching jacket pieces. It’s out with neutral colors this season and in with the vibrant ones. The future is looking to be brighter for all of us.


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3. Color Play


Pink definitely left an impression on the runway for this season from its muted tones to the bright bubblegum hues. It was femininity in all the volumes, frills and drapes. Pink also symbolizes youth, good health, and playfulness. An ode to the “war” we all fought the last few months perhaps? The blooming color just adds brightness and positivity all around. Make it the main color of your outfit, paired with toned-down pieces like simple sandals or heels and no accessories. Pink is your main show. 


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Aside from pink, the color yellow - in mustard, marigold and lemon - also made a statement this season. Yellow brings to mind happy days and laughter, and we can finally celebrate being out and about. No more hiding indoors; just bright days ahead. Yellow is warm and exploding with positive energy. Plus, it’s a total attention-getter. If you want to be seen, wear yellow. Try on a dress, a top, or a skirt. Go for a monochromatic look or mix and match with neutrals. Remember that the shade that looks good on you will depend on your skin tone. 


Try these pieces to start:



4. The Set Look

We also saw matching top-and-bottom outfits on the runway for this season. This outfit trend makes looks more polished. It’s a simple way to make you look put together because your top and bottom match. No need to think of what to mix and match together to pull off a look. This trend is the go-to if you are in a hurry but also if you want to make an impression that will last as the look can be easier to remember.  You can opt to go with a printed matching set or a plain colored set, either way works.


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5. The Puffer Coat


This classic jacket style is gaining traction this season. It may already be a staple in your winter wardrobe but if it is not, then it’s about time to get one. It is one of the best pieces to help keep you warm through the cold winter days. The best thing about it is that it is lightweight. Thanks to the fashion designers, the puffer coat has evolved in style from cinched waists, prints, two-toned colors and flattering designs. Some have hoodies or fur, zippers or buttons. Take your pick to go with your personality and style.


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With hoodies


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6. Tailor-Made


Tailored clothing this season is all about layers on layers. Tailored coats, blouses, vests or pants. The tailored look brings about sophistication and class. Tailored pieces show precision and care for details. There are so many ways to wear this look - like wearing a blouse over a turtleneck and pairing it with a tailored coat and pants. You can even add a belt and a necklace to accessorize. 


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Time to be Seen

These are only some of the trends for Fall Winter. Whichever trend you want to try this season, be confident about it. It’s the time to be seen. It’s the time to be out. No more hiding or staying home. Be bold. Be daring just like the runway trends we’ve seen.


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