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2021 Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Budget

2021 Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Budget

Lots of people on your gift list? We have items under $30. We also have goodies under $50. If you’re willing to spend a bit more, we have items under $100, as well. For that special someone you’d be willing to splurge a bit on, we have some items that are just above $100.


Under $30

For your fashionable friend

We all have that friend who loves to accessorize. Her outfit won’t be complete without a pair of earrings, a necklace (or a couple of them), and a few bracelets or rings. 


Here are some items under $30 that you can gift to that friend. The unique styles of these accessories will surely catch her eye. If you’re feeling more generous, you can even gift a matching set of earrings and necklaces like the ones below.


For the loved one who can’t get enough of the season 


We all love the holidays but there are those who are filled with a lot more cheer and Christmas spirit than most of us. They just love the season so much they’ll enthusiastically wear anything related to the holidays.


These cute gold-plated earrings are a perfect gift to add more holiday cheer. The intricacy of the details is so stunning that anyone who receives them will be smiling from ear to ear. Can you imagine these on someone’s lobes? We can and they’re just too cute!



For your dainty daughter


Picking out a present for a daughter is not too difficult unless she has a very specific and unique taste. Otherwise, you can give them anything feminine as you know they will love and adore it. 


Teens love cute accessories that they can show off to their friends. They’ll appreciate any fab fashion find that will make their OOTDs stand out. Try these scarf ponytails and beaded earrings. It will definitely get them noticed and they will love the attention.


Whether your daughters are pre-teen, teen, or even a little bit older, these gift choices will surely captivate them and you’ll see them wearing it all the time.

Under $50

For your classy colleague


Thinking of giving a gift to your boss, your supervisor, or your go-to colleague? Here are some very classy choices that they can use at any time whether they’re at work or for some special occasion. If you’re thinking of giving to the whole team, then no problem. We have 5 items picked out just for you.


For your stylish sister


Finding a present for that one person who has an eclectic or sharp sense of style can be challenging. Don’t fret as we have gift items for them as well. These pieces will suit nicely with their wardrobe or their collection of fine things. 

For your home-loving aunt


We all have that relative who is very meticulous when it comes to her home. If that happens to be your aunt, then you know she loves buying or receiving items for the home more than items for herself. Here are gift options to satisfy your aunt’s love for interior design and will add a nice touch to her carefully curated home.


Under $100

For your elegant mom


We all want to be able to give our moms a beautiful present that shows how much we love them. We want nothing more than something that will reflect her elegant style. Look no further as the next items are gift-worthy for the woman who raised you and will love you forever.


For your comfort-loving best friend


Who doesn’t have that best friend who’s all about comfort? They’re the epitome of the carefree, laid-back lifestyle. Cotton, fur, fluff, suede….just a few things they appreciate. Help them embrace all things to do with a life of ease. Here are some items under $100 that they would enjoy lounging around in all day.



Gifts at $100+

For your special someone


Of course, the last but definitely not the least, is that very special someone we’d love to splurge on. That could be your mom, your bestest friend, or even yourself! Without breaking the bank, here are some pieces to consider getting as a token of love. 


Women love jewelry and bags. We can never have enough of them. Having a necklace that can be worn every single day is a precious gift for a woman especially if it’s coming from someone they truly love. It’s like wearing an engagement ring or a wedding band (we have those too!). Try some of these items and snatch up a bargain. 



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