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Here Are the Gifts the Stein Mart Team Are Shopping for This Christmas

Here Are the Gifts the Stein Mart Team Are Shopping for This Christmas

Holiday shopping can be complicated when you don’t know what to give your family and friends. In case you want some ideas, check out the items that our Stein Mart Team are shopping for the people on their Holiday gift list.


Theresa, Buyer


 “These fuzzy slippers and fuzzy clogs are great and easy to give. I like them because slippers make me feel warm and loved. I think of this time of year as a time to be home -  spending time with family and hanging out in comfort, so why not in comfortable slippers? I also love the really cool modern patterns on the clogs.”

Michele, Buyer


“These beautiful pieces of jewelry make for great gifts for the special women in your life - they are perfect to finish off any outfit and take it to the next level.”


Elena, Buyer


“I chose jewelry that I thought was perfect for gift giving and self purchases. These are fantastic ways to show your affection to yourself or a special someone.”

Other Comfortable Items

Comfort is one thing we would like to give our loved ones. Whether they need it or not at the moment, things that give comfort are always handy to have especially when we are not physically present to hug them. Comfort can come from different things like warm sweaters, wrap-around shawls, boots, and more. 


Here are some more items that you may want to add to your shopping list:


Sweaters and Cardigans


Shop more sweaters and cardigans here.

Blankets and Throws


Shop more blankets and throws here. 


Scarves and Shawls


Shop more scarves and shawls here. 


Other Jewelry Items

Every woman loves jewelry and a reason to accessorize. The great thing about jewelry is that you can wear them anytime and any day. You can match them with various styles of outfits and they will easily add glam to your look. 


Earrings for daily wear

Earrings are a must-have accessory. They are the easiest to wear and they brighten up the face. They’re great for gifts as earrings can be changed on a daily basis depending on the outfit.


Here are some classic earrings to check out:


Themed earrings

Themed or colorful earrings add pizzazz to simple outfits. It’s good to have at least a few of these types of earrings for special occasions. 


Necklaces and Bracelets to wear all-year-round:

Necklaces and bracelets make an outfit seem more special, like shiny sprinkles on top of a stylish cake. 


Here are some items you may want to check:


Special Necklaces & Bracelets

For more important occasions, jewelry with precious stones is usually the choice. They add even more sparkle to an outfit. These are items that will be worn by the recipient on special events like anniversaries and birthdays or formal parties. When they wear it, they will remember who gave it to them.



More Picks

If you’re looking for other kinds of items that can be given as gifts aside from comfort wear and jewelry, we’ve picked out some more items to help you tick off your Christmas List.


Accessories for Essential Items


Alcohol and hand sanitizers have become a must-have anywhere you go. These cute holders are amazing gifts for your health-conscious family and friends. They come in various styles and designs both for men and women. You can give a different one to each of your family members. 



Shop more Sanitizer holder designs here.


Key Straps and Keychains


Everyone has keys they need to keep track of - whether it be keys to the car, or the house, or a locker, or a mobile pedestal. Key straps and key chains are useful gifts to give. If you’re looking for one item to give to colleagues or nieces and nephews, this is perfect as they come in different designs. 


Here are some designs you may want to shop:



Shop more key holders here.


Something for everyone

There’s always something for everyone, even those you think may have everything already. It’s the thought that truly counts no matter what you decide to buy and give to your family and friends. 


Shop more new arrivals here.


Happy Shopping!


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