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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas Season is just around the corner. It’s the biggest gift-giving event of the year so to help you avoid the hassle of last-minute shopping and the rush of orders, we’ve put together a list of interesting gift ideas. Stein Mart has a wide collection of practical and aesthetic products that will suit not only your taste, but also those of your family and friends as well.


Before deciding which items to add to cart, consider first the people you’d like to buy gifts for this year. Categorize them by how well you know them. The more you know someone, the more particular and personalized your gift should be. Then think about what type of gift they would appreciate. Are they into fashion? Are they into make-up? Maybe bags will make them happy? Are they more focused on their health and well-being? Or are they the type to focus more on others rather than themselves? Knowing these things can help you narrow down your gift choices for every individual on your list.


Read through our list below and check out the curated items to make shopping this holiday stress-free. 



Gifting a family member or a friend a piece of clothing is a fine choice if you know the style and the size of the person. It shows how much you know them. There are so many choices when it comes to clothing that there is a rare chance you may be giving them something they already have.


Here are some options you may want to check:



Scarves and Hats

Everyone loves receiving items that are useful. Choosing the right clothing item for someone becomes more challenging when you have to consider their size. If you’re buying a number of gifts for various people, the more practical way is to choose accessories like shawls, scarves, or mittens that are free size and can be worn with several outfits. These will also keep your recipient warm on cold winter days and they will remember you whenever they don these items.


Check out these options for your mom, sister, grandmother, or friend:



If there is someone on your list who loves to dress up and accessorize, then jewelry is a fantastic gift suggestion. Jewelry can make or break an outfit. It’s the icing on the cake. The more choices one has, the better. A simple outfit of a white shirt and jeans can always look fresh with a different set of jewelry. It’s a fashionable and practical gift for all ages.




When choosing bags to give as a gift, it’s safer to opt for plain versatile bags that can be used for daily use and in whatever season. If you’re not familiar with the style preference of the recipient, pick a bag that can be used with multiple outfits. Another consideration is the practicality of the bag. Think of how many items can be placed inside to determine how useful it will be.


Here are some choices that would make a great gift:




If you’re not too confident with your knowledge of the style preference of your recipient and would like to choose something safe, then items for the home like scents are favorable suggestions. Everyone loves scented candles, and aromatherapy oils are gaining popularity for their therapeutic effect. There are various scents to choose from like Jo Malone’s Honeysuckle & Davana, Red Roses, Blackberry & Bay, and so much more. For family or friends who enjoy their alone time or who love to relax, these make wonderful presents.


Here are other packages you may want to explore:


Beauty Products


A lot of women would love to have new make-up or beauty products all the time but not everyone can afford to keep buying so it’s always appreciated when they receive these as a gift. They don’t have to feel guilty about splurging on something they still have but want. Beauty products are also ideal to give when you’re unsure about age appropriateness since most make-up can be applied for women no matter her age.


Pick items that are not dependent on skin tone unless you know the right one for your recipient. You can stick to neutral shades or shades that complement any skin tone.


Home Items


Some people prefer receiving presents that can be used for their house instead of items for personal use. If you have a family member or close friend like this, then we suggest these selections as the items to get them. They like pieces that will enhance the beauty of their home or things they can use during special occasions. They appreciate it as it can be used more than once. Home items are no-fail gifts as they are very practical and can be enjoyed by more than one person.


Here are some suggestions for you:



Aesthetic and practical drinkware are in demand these days. As the realization for a healthy lifestyle increases, more people are desiring drinkware they can bring with them anywhere - from work, to the gym, to the mountains and even the beach. Double-layer insulated tumblers are a huge hit as they can keep your drink cold or hot for more than 12 hours. Cute mugs or glasses make for an instagrammable photo even when you’re just drinking water or coffee. For the women who love their wine or any type of alcohol, chic glassware is a must have.


Check out these products that would make a practical gift:


Match the Recipient

Giving gifts is not just about simply handing someone a gift-wrapped item. There is a lot more to the idea of giving. It is the thought behind it that counts. The persons receiving your gift will know how much you know them based on the special items you chose. So take your time to make your list and note down the interests of each one so you can pick the right present that each family member or friend will use and cherish.


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