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Office Apropos: 8 Outfits to Wear from Work to Weekend

Office Apropos: 8 Outfits to Wear from Work to Weekend

As society slowly adjusts post-lockdown, some of us are already going back to the office and making coffee runs. In between dressing stylishly for team dinners and from the waist up during Zoom calls, we lost the meaning of ‘business casual.’ Workwear has changed through the decades, but luckily for us, it has gotten more flexible and inclusive than ever.

If your workwear staples are looking a little bland lately and you’re getting tired of the usual blazer and slacks combo, this is a perfect time for you to refresh your wardrobe. We created eight outfits that can easily take you from business meetings to cocktails. And even if you can’t get past a more relaxed attire, you can always save these for Fridays at the office.


1. Shirt dresses

Running a bit late? You need an outfit that’s easy to throw on in one go. A simple shirt dress offers style and sophistication with minimal effort, making it the ideal piece for busy ladies. The collar has a business casual appeal, plus you can wear it with either casual or dressy shoes.

Style your shirt dress with a chic crossbody bag, sunglasses, and a watch. You’ll be ready for meetings and lunch dates—sometimes at the same time.

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2. Keep it buttoned up

Contrary to keeping a blazer open for a more casual look, try buttoning it for an elegant vibe. Layer it over a summer top and flared jeans to go for a more fashion-forward look, or start simple with a midi dress paired with a structured tote.

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3. Floral dress + black bag

If your workplace allows casual or relaxed fits, a floral dress is a nice addition to your wardrobe. Consider it a staple for mid-week hangs with your team or Friday drinks. Toughen it up with a black handbag and some chunky jewelry.

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4. Oversized jacket

Outerwear is slowly making its way back into our closets once again, so we might as well ease into them via office attire. An oversized jacket or blazer easily elevates any outfit, including workwear. Play with texture and silhouette to create unique looks.

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5. Try a bold print

In defense of basics, we don’t blame those who value comfort over style. However, if you want to spice things up a bit, opt for printed pieces. From classic stripes and florals to bright tie-dye and geometric patterns, there is something for every style. You’d be surprised how a simple upgrade can change the overall vibe of your outfit.

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6. Maxi skirt + long sleeves

There’s something very Parisian chic about pairing midi skirts with long sleeve tops. This outfit combination is sweet, modest, and versatile. Besides wearing it to work, you can wear it to brunch, a dinner party, or a date. The key to switching up your look for each occasion lies in the accessories. Don’t be afraid to mix and match dainty jewelry with a statement bag and vice versa.

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7. Straight-leg jeans

    Denim at the office isn’t new, but because of the ever-changing rules of fashion, there are many ways to style it elegantly. A popover top is a classy way to dress up your jeans, but you can elevate it further by wearing low-heel wedges and hoop earrings.

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    8. Jumpsuits

    Dress codes aside, jumpsuits are the perfect one-piece workwear for women who want a no-fuss wardrobe. You throw one on, accessorize with a necklace, bag, and some earrings, and you are good to go. They give that cool girl appeal that works for women of all ages, plus they come in various styles so you are bound to find something to suit your taste. If you don’t own a jumpsuit yet, this could be the right time to get one (or two).

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