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Recap: The Biggest Trends We Adored in 2021

Recap: The Biggest Trends We Adored in 2021

2021 is coming to a close and we saw several fashion trends that are oh so wearable, which is why they remain timeless. Before we end the year, let’s look back at the biggest trends we adored and how you can still make the most out of them in 2022.


These are some of the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter trends we saw: the return of Denim Trends, Fall Florals, Color Play, Tailor-Made, Printed Scarves, Coordinates, and Tie-Dye. Who doesn’t love good denim that can be worn any day and any time? Who doesn’t have at least one floral clothing item in her closet? Who doesn’t want a splash of color in her wardrobe? We all love to look classy and sophisticated in tailored suits and printed scarves. It’s definitely always fun in coordinates and in tye-dye - brings back memories of our younger days!




Denim jeans are so versatile that you can wear them with all sorts of tops in various ways. 


Traditional way of wearing them: Paired with a simple white t-shirt or with a blouse tucked in.


Another way to wear them: Paired with a fitted tank top and worn under a shirt dress used as outerwear. Wear a belt over the shirt dress for style. Choose either boots, sneakers or heels to finish the look.  


Fall Florals


Florals always bring out everyone’s most feminine side. Depending on the design, florals can be playful, youthful, or elegant. Choose to wear more flowers, whether they be on a dress, a blouse, or even on pants or skirts. 



Traditional way of wearing them: Floral dress worn alone, or a floral blouse paired with plain jeans or pants, or floral pants paired with a plain top.


Another way to wear them: Be bold and go print-on-print with the same color palette.


 Color Play


While it’s nice to have a capsule wardrobe of neutral items, it can also get boring after some time so a splash of colors - and bright ones at that - is always welcome in one’s closet. Special occasions call for a celebration with colors. 


Traditional way of wearing them: Pair colored items with neutrals.


Another way to wear them: Color Blocking. Use the color wheel as your reference for which colors pair well together.




Tailored suits or clothing symbolize power, sophistication, and class. These are usually made-to-order to get the fit right but you can find tailored pieces that are ready to wear. Sometimes you get lucky that it fits well; other times, you’ll need to have a few alterations made. Nevertheless, a well-tailored suit in the closet is always good to have.


Traditional way of wearing them: Coordinated top and bottom pieces of the same color and fabric


Another way to wear them: Deconstructed pieces to match each other


Printed Scarves


Scarves can be used in many different ways - as a headcover, a neck warmer, a shoulder throw-over, a bag accessory, a wrist accessory, and even a belt. Printed scarves give more attitude and flair over plain ones. Continue to use these printed scarves as your main accessory on days when you’re wearing plain or simple clothes.



A matching set is always cute and easy to wear because just throw them on. The designers already thought of your outfit for you. But how do you spice up coordinates? Try a decidedly unmatching accessory!


Traditional way of wearing them: As is and copying the style from the store mannequin or print ad.


Another way to wear them: Give it a flair or a twist using accessories. 





From ancient art to a trendy fashion statement, tie-dye is always a fascinating print because of the colors and patterns that appear. The great thing about tie-dye, especially when done manually, is that no two pieces are exactly alike. Each piece comes out unique. There are so many patterns that can be made and so many colors to play with and combine. 


Traditional way of wearing them: Tie-dye shirts paired with jeans and sneakers


Another way to wear them: Worn as an accent piece



Moving Forward Isn’t Always Moving On

Just because 2021 is coming to an end, it doesn't mean we need to stop wearing the trends of the year. If it works for you, continue to wear it while adapting to new trends to come. We’ve shown you how you can wear the biggest trends of 2021 and carry them on to the next year and the years after that. No need to get rid of the trendy pieces in your closet. Just mix and match and go express yourself. Life is meant to be enjoyed - so just have fun with fashion trends, past or current!


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