Spring-Ready Pieces That Are Perfect for You According to Your Zodiac Sign

Spring-Ready Pieces That Are Perfect for You According to Your Zodiac Sign

Spring-Ready Pieces That Are Perfect for You According to Your Zodiac Sign

We love astrology and fashion, so seeing the stars align for these two makes us giddy. The fact that horoscopes are also connected to our closets isn’t surprising at all, considering how they also guide us through life in general. They give us a detailed look into our personal preferences, from food to interior design to style.

For example, if you’re a Gemini, you favor bold, eye-catching, and sometimes quirky pieces. There’s a lot of everything in your wardrobe—bold colors, statement pieces, and tons of jewelry and other accessories.

As you read through this article, you’ll discover a bit more about which style looks perfect for you, along with some of our picks that we think will look amazing.



Shop the Rayon Challis Multi Color Snake Printed Smocking Detail Blouse Top, $64.95

Your fashion sense is equal parts creative and ‘lowkey’ cool. Although bright palettes aren’t your thing, you don’t shy away from a bright pink blazer, either. You love having a signature look, but styling it in different ways keeps it fresh and new.

Get the look: Nail the Aries look by opting for classic silhouettes with a unique pattern or bold print. Since you’re no stranger to mixing and matching, amp up your style with layering and lots of accessories.

You might like these:

Shop the Rayon Crepon Print off the Shoulder Blouse Top, $57.95
Shop the Jester Heart Pendant Necklace, $52.95



Shop the Signature High Rise Pull-on Jegging Jean, $45.95

You’re a creature of comfort who practically lives in sweats and oversized pullovers. But just because you value coziness doesn’t mean you’re not about looking stylish. You’ll never trade your comfiest jeggings for anything, but you’ll also pair them with sleek combat boots for an edgier look. You’ve already worn your favorite sweater a million times, but you’ll still rock it with layered necklaces and rings.

Get the look: Upgrade your go-to’s with a cool feature like a tummy-tucking waistband or a patterned sweater with a unique neckline.

You might like these:

Shop the Basketweave Stitch Curved Hem Sweater in White, $24.99
Shop the Amie Waffle Cardigan in Charcoal, $39.95
Shop the Plus Three-Piece Trouser Set in Navy, $133.95



Shop the Striped Loose Dress in Black Stripe, $69.45

Unlike Aries, you never stick to a signature look. Some might say you’re a style chameleon, but that’s because you are! You’re confident wearing a simple tee-and-jeans combo just as you would a pair of 4-inch heels. You dress according to your mood, and you do so with finesse every single time.

Get the look: Geminis love switching their outfits often, so you can try their style the way they do it. Whether you’re feeling feminine one day and androgynous the next, the key is to find inspiration and just run with it.

You might like these:

Shop the Jacquard Dot Knit Popover – Plus, $37.95
Shop the One Shoulder Top in Plum, $39.95
Shop the Whisper Light - Plus in Plum, $120.95



Shop the Texas Rose Dress, $120.95

You gravitate towards more mature and elegant pieces in feminine silhouettes. This means your wardrobe most likely consists of structured blazers, flowy button-downs, and tailored pants. However, you keep your style fresh with colors like red, ivory, blue, and green.

Get the look: Opt for classic pieces in a fresh palette to keep it current. For example, a linen blazer in a pastel hue looks good with just about anything. Add dainty and feminine jewelry to complete an elegant and modern ensemble.

You might like these:

Shop the Crystal Earrings, $26.95
Shop the Sabrina Sweater Top in Mocha, $121.95
Shop the Flynn Dress in Spy Red, $66.95



Shop the One Shoulder Midi Dress in Navy, $48.95

Not afraid to try the latest trends, you love experimenting with different looks. You don’t hold back when it comes to fashion, which perfectly reflects your fierce personality. Confidence oozes out of you as you walk, whether you’re in your everyday fit or a party-ready ensemble.

Get the look: Like the exuberant Leo, you need to step out of your comfort zone and choose pieces that are anything but basic. Think animal prints, asymmetrical prints, and abstract patterns. Bold accessories are on the table, too.

You might like these:

Shop the Stelle Dress, $51.84
Shop the Rainbow Earrings, $52.95
Shop the Ruched Lace Bodysuit in Yellow, $53.95



Shop the Lilac Pencil Angel Sleeve Dress, $103.95

You love to be in touch with your feminine side, which shows in your style a lot. You favor stunning pieces with a touch of sexiness without being too much.

Get the look: Flirty cuts and matching sets are your go-to’s. Also, opt for vintage-inspired pieces paired with more modern silhouettes. Although your palette is filled with beautiful pastels, you can always dress it up with punchy accessories for a pop of color.

You might like these:

Shop the Stripe Crop Top Skirt Set, $80.95
Shop the Multi V-Neck Floral Flared Skirt Dress, $115.95
Shop the Simple but Cute Denim Off-Shoulder Top, $36.95


Shop the Together Earrings, $46.95

You absolutely adore mix-and-match pieces. Similar to Geminis, you’re a style chameleon who’s not afraid to take risks when it comes to dressing up. You can rock a vintage frock one day and step out in head-to-toe menswear the next.

Get the look: Although Libras still like classic pieces, they always add an extra edge to their ensemble with statement accessories. Try to play with proportions like pairing an oversized blazer with maxi skirts.

You might like these:

Shop the Black Contrast Floral High-Waisted Jumpsuit, $159.95
Shop the Apricot Pleated Midi Skirt, $198.95



Shop the Tie Waisted Wide Leg Pant Gigi Parker in Black, $79.95

As a Scorpio, you live for streamlined pieces. Your wardrobe consists of polished tops, tailored blazers, and relaxed trousers. You love pairing these with sneakers, mules, or any shoe that’s not above 2 inches of heels. You like being comfortable, but you still make an effort to incorporate a chic twist into your outfits.

Get the look: A Scorpio’s style philosophy is simple: Find a look you love and stick to it. However, you can still be playful by adding cool accessories and choosing pieces in varying textures.

You might like these:

Shop the Boucle Popcorn Long Sleeve Cardigan, $42.95
Shop the Gold Knot Bangle Bracelet, $12.95
Shop the Pull-On Jacquard Print Pant With Novelty Trim, $19.99



Shop the Floral Blue Strap Ruffle Layer Dress, $148.95

You’re never without anything floral. You embrace this classic print, along with other patterns, and love to wear them in different colors.

Get the look: Look for feminine silhouettes that are most flattering for your body type. Experiment with layering and play up over-the-top accessories to make your look more interesting and fun.

You might like these:

Shop the Avery Embroidery A-Line Dress, $51.84
Shop the Gold Plated Double Flower Earrings, $26.95



Shop the Eyelet Knit Pintuck Popover – Plus in White, $34.95

You don’t bother with trends and instead, opt for enduring pieces that never fail to add an alluring flair to your look. Think of puff sleeve tops, straight-leg jeans, and vintage bags.

Get the look: Shop for classic pieces that have outlived trends—skinny jeans, crisp button-downs, and LBDs are timeless staples that won’t fail you 5 or 10 years from now.

You might like these:

Shop the Signature 5 Pocket Skinny Ankle Jean With Snap Button at Ankle – Plus, $51.95
Shop the Lace Inset Surplice Blouse, $58.95



Shop the Metal Fringed Mini Dress, $105.95

When it comes to dressing up, you always have it your way no matter what. You love being creative with your looks, experimenting with bold colors, patterns, and textures.

Get the look: Since you tend to wear whatever makes you happy, steer into the skid further with fun details like fringe, polka dots, and sequins.

You might like these:

Shop the Bell Sleeves Panel Sequin Top, $93.95
Shop the Black Pleated Shirt Dress, $281.95
Shop the Polka Dot Jumpsuit, $46.95



Shop the Chiffon Surplice Long Sleeve Dress, $65.95

Forever the bohemian girl, but you’re not afraid to add more contemporary pieces to your look. You gravitate towards flowy silhouettes, paisley patterns, and floral prints.

Get the look: Shop for pieces that have a bohemian flair but look modern and put-together. Try peasant dresses in pastel hues, silk skirts, and bright kimonos. Also, keep an eye out for layered necklaces and gold hoops with intricate details.

You might like these:

Shop the Patchwork Maxi Robe, $69.95
Shop the Flamingo Leather Fringe Bag, $117.95
Shop the Gold Plated Joan Post Back Earrings, $40.95


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