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Spring Trends To Carry On To Summer

Spring Trends To Carry On To Summer

The transition from spring to summer is just around the corner. Three months don’t seem to be enough to enjoy the season’s fashion trends that are a breath of fresh air from the cold winter days. But just because summer is nearly here doesn’t mean that we can’t still wear our favorite trends from spring. In fact, they’re absolutely perfect enough to be carried on to summer! 

Don’t Change Your Stripes

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The first trend on our list is stripes, which are always on-trend, to be honest. When we think of stripes, we also think of streaks, banding, chevron, and lines. It can remind us of the nautical look which is perfect for summers spent by the beach or sailing. Stripes can be classic with even widths and in one direction or crazy and edgy with various thicknesses of lines in different directions or various colors. It’s a playful pattern that creates an optical illusion.  

Outfit Suggestion: 

Pair this tie-front crop top with a pleated midi skirt for a walk along the shore. Glam it up with a pair of shades, matching sandals, and a cute cross-body bag.

Other Striped Pieces:

Romance is in the Air

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Ready for a romantic summer? Well, we are and we’re going all out. Romantic tops and dresses in spring’s best trend - florals, of course! - are here to stay and they’re especially perfect for heady summer days. The fun, flirty, and feminine feel of this trend is what we need to make our hot days exciting and cool. Dress them up or keep them casual, either way, they’re good for any occasion. 

Outfit Suggestion:

Take this floral camisole and pair it with a denim mini skirt plus platform sandals with a pop of color. Keep it casual with a woven tote that can carry all your personal belongings for a day out with friends.

Other Romantic Pieces:

Super Short

Shop the V Neck Flutter Sleeve Floral Chiffon A-Line Dress, $72.95

This next trend comes as no surprise. Summer days are hot and we naturally like to expose more skin to escape the heat. Going short, even super short, is how we like to do it. Micro dresses and skirts, shorts, or skorts are our picks for this coming season. They’re easy to wear, breezy, and light. They’re perfect for days on the beach, a walk down the street, a night out with friends, or lunch dates downtown. 

Outfit Suggestion:

Wear this mini dress for a date night with your significant other. Pair it with sexy white platform sandals that will accentuate the length and tan of your legs even more. Finish off the look with an eye-catching clutch and jewelry that will complement the entire outfit.

Other Mini Pieces:


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We can’t get enough of prints! Bold prints and lots of prints - abstract, floral, geometric, or a mix of all - are big for spring and we would like to see more of these during the summer months. Even better if it’s print-on-print and very colorful. Don’t be afraid to go bold and to try new prints. Let them surprise what they can do for your figure and how to use them to balance your body proportions.

Outfit Suggestion:

Pair this abstract printed midi skirt with a solid-hued or printed top that matches one or two of the skirt’s colors. Accessorize with a pair of light sunglasses, a handwoven clutch, and platform sandals that will keep the look soft and feminine. Wear this to lunch with girlfriends or a family reunion.


Other Printed Pieces:

Vibrant Glow

Shop the Solid Short Sleeves Scoop Neck Dress With Bottom Shirred Piece, $39.95

Spring was a season to bring out the fun colors and summer is all about bright and cheery outfits, too. We want vibrant hues that won’t look muted under the sun but, rather, will gleam in its rays. We’d like to be as bright as the days and keep it that way for as long as we can. Solid bold colors are fun to look at and a rainbow within the closet is ideal so there’s a choice of what to wear throughout the season.

Outfit Suggestion:

Pair this blouse with a blue-toned skort that will keep the look feeling fresh and cool on a summer day. Accessorize using similar colors for the sandals, shades, and bag. 

Other Vibrant Pieces:

Let Spring’s Trends Brighten Up Summer Even More

Let’s look forward to a fashionable summer and use our favorite spring trends, which will surely freshen up our look for the coming sultry days. Maximize the new pieces in our wardrobe by using them throughout the two seasons and creating innovative looks distinct from anything we’ve ever worn before.

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