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The All-American Style

The All-American Style

The All-American Style

American fashion has grown and transformed throughout the years, evolving with help of the influx of new cultures, social media, and technology. It has also gained inspiration and taken influence from other countries that the lines of fashion among countries have started to blur. Though this is the case, there are still certain styles that come to mind when we think of the All-American Style. These are the styles, or pieces, that are deeply associated with Americans that they have stayed as closet staples through the years.

The 4th of July is one of the biggest holidays and it’s just around the corner. Though Independence Day is just 24 hours, for the entire month of July, we can celebrate in style, particularly in the All-American style. We bring you pieces that you can wear while being reminded of who you are as an American. It’s time to stock up on these wardrobe essentials and bring out the patriot in you.

Basic White & Denims

Merci Balloon Sleeve Oversized Shirt Plus

American style is known for being casual and laid back. And nothing is more American than a pair of jeans. Though denim did not originate in the USA, it was made popular by American cowboys. Even the most famous jeans companies are also American. It’s no wonder that the go-to outfit of anyone who wants to keep things simple is the white shirt and jeans combination, which exemplifies the casual and laid-back look. 

Red, White & Blue

Peony Dress

Here’s to the red, white and blue of the flag! The color combination itself is simple and timeless. Red and blue are both primary colors while white is neutral. This makes it easy to play around with the 3 colors and combine them into a single outfit or wear them on separate occasions on their own. 

Stars & Stripes

Wide Stripe Button Front Dress

Aside from the iconic color combination on the American flag, another combination that easily comes to mind is its famous stars and stripes. The two patterns have come to be associated with American style. They don’t necessarily have to be worn together in a single piece or outfit. It’s the pattern or the symbol that brings value and meaning.

Wild West

Texas Rose

The Wild West is a strong part of American history and is still influential on fashion today. The style is distinct and truly American, and greatly associated with cowboys or cowgirls. 

Stay True

American fashion will continue to evolve through the years but these styles will always remain to remind us of our true selves and our history. Remember the All-American style and celebrate it, not just during the month of July, but throughout the year. Keep pieces of these styles in your closet that you’ll get to wear all year round.

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