The Best Denim Styles For Each Body Shape

The Best Denim Styles For Each Body Shape

The Best Denim Styles For Each Body Shape

No matter what the season or wherever you are in the world, a good closet and travel staple that we all should have is denim, specifically denim jeans. There is a good pair for every body. Jeans are our go-to when we want to be comfortable and casual. It’s easy to pair with any color and match with any fabric. It’s a great complement to any style or any look - be it romantic, grunge, rock, boho chic, classic, vintage, modern, name it and it fits. It’s the no-brainer choice for everyday casual wear. 

One other great thing about denim is that the older they get, the more comfortable they become. But there will come a time when we will need to say goodbye to our trusty pair and buy new ones. So here is a guide to what type of jeans to get for your body shape. 

The Capri

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Capri Jeans or cropped cut jeans are perfect for those with an hourglass body shape (small waist and curvy hips) as it keeps the proportion of the body intact. With an hourglass figure, we want to highlight the waist, which gives structure to the figure. It would be best if the cut enhances the figure by hugging it instead of cutting it if the jeans were loose or wide. A high-waist fit would also best enhance the hourglass figure.

These jeans are also good for pear-shaped bodies as it maintains the figure at the bottom instead of adding volume to it. A mid-rise fit would suit well for pear-shaped bodies.

Capri jeans are also a good way to make one look shorter if one is too tall as it allows some skin above the feet to be exposed, cutting the leg where the jeans end - creating a horizontal disturbance to the figure.

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The Straight-Leg

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Straight-leg jeans are more laid back and less body-hugging than skinny jeans. They’re the perfect pair for an hourglass shape, pear shape, and rectangular shape bodies. These jeans also help create an illusion of length due to the straight line from the waist down to the ankles. They can be worn as is or cuffed at the bottom. 

For pear-shaped bodies, the straight-cut balances out the body's contours better than skinny jeans as the difference from the hips to the ankles are not as defined. 

If one feels too body-conscious wearing skinny jeans, the straight leg is a great alternative. It’s also great for petite figures to make the figure appear taller.

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Shop the Westport Signature 5 Pocket Straight Leg with Destruction, $52.95

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The Boot-cut

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The Boot-cut jeans are a wide-flared type of jeans that is less subtle but more modern than the flare. It hugs the hips and thighs, giving a sexy appearance but then widens from the knee to the hem to balance the shoulders. By its name, it’s perfectly paired with boots - low or high. 

This type of jeans is best for hourglass or apple-shaped figures. For apple-shaped bodies, the boot-cut adds volume to the lower body, balancing out the heaviness of the upper body. 

Boot-cut jeans can also make one seem taller as the hem falls below the ankles.

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The Skinny 

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Skinny jeans have a snug fit along the hips and thighs and taper down to the ankles, where it is slimmest. They’re usually made of stretch denim. This type of jeans has nothing to do with one’s figure. It can be worn by any body type as the material is stretchy. The determining factor for each body type would be the wash. Hourglass shape and pear shape figures look better in dark wash jeans as it makes the bottom seem slimmer. Apple shapes and rectangular shapes look better in lighter wash denim to draw more attention to the lower part of the body.  

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The Sweatpants

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Sweatpant jeans, also known as joggers, are an evolution of billowy lounge pants or workout pants. They also have a straight cut that is more relaxed but with an elastic waist instead of a fitted one. This type of jeans enhances the look of the athletic shape and is perfect for hourglass figures, rectangular bodies, and pear-shaped bodies, similar to straight-cut jeans.

Sweatpant jeans also have similarities to boyfriend jeans which have a baggy, slouchy fit. 

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The Girlfriend

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Girlfriend jeans are a streamlined, relaxed style of denim jeans that has a higher waistline that rests just below the belly button. The legs are slimmer and more tapered on the leg compared to boyfriend jeans and often cropped at the ankle. 

This type of jeans is perfect for hourglass-shape, pear-shape, and rectangular shape bodies. Due to the hem being at the ankle, it benefits tall people more than petite ones as it does not create an illusion of length.

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Jeans are for every body

There is no one specific type or design of jeans for each body type. Every style can be worn by different shapes depending on the length, the rise, the wash, and even the design (if there are accessories, embroidery or patterns, etc.). It’s a matter of trying them all out and seeing how to make them work for your body shape. The more styles and types you try, the better you can gauge what looks good on your body and how to style it. That will also make it easier the next time you need to buy a new pair of jeans.

Check out more denim pieces here. 

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