The Return of Denim Trends

The Return of Denim Trends

Denim trends of yesteryear are making a comeback. In street style, where all trends now come from, then worn by fashion models and celebrities to cement the trend in culture, breathing new life to the classic denim. 


The great thing about denim is its versatility as a fabric and a clothing item. It comes in many colors, but the different shades of blue remain the most popular. It also has different weights or thicknesses that’s why denim can be worn all year round. It never truly goes out of fashion but its style keeps evolving and the trends keep revolving. If you’ve kept your old jeans in the back of your closet for years, good news! This year, certain trends are back such as knee-length denim shorts, 70’s flare, baggy jeans, patchwork denim, and straight leg denim with turned-up hems. 


We’ll show you how to take these comeback trends and dress them up for the holiday season so you can look glam even when wearing a denim piece to parties and gatherings. 


Turned-up Hem

Shop the Peck & Peck Dark Wash Plus Signature Girlfriend 5 Pocket Denim Jean With Selvedge Cuff Jeans, $56.95


Turned-up hems make jeans look more casual than they already are. They give an interesting look to the edge so that the entire length doesn’t look too monotonous. It’s like a literal surprise twist at the end. Turned-up hems can be intentionally manufactured with the product or they can be done manually with any pair of jeans you have. This year, more is more. The turned-up part can be a lot wider than the narrow counterpart of past trends. You can also turn up the hem once but rolling it up twice is fine, too.


One advantage of this trend is that it exposes your ankles and feet so it would be a good opportunity to wear dramatic or dazzling shoes.

Here are some pieces you may want to check:

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Shop the Peck & Peck Dark Wash Signature Girlfriend 5 Pocket Denim Jean With Double Rolled Cuff, $50.95
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How to Wear it to a casual get-together:

Pair turned-up hem jeans with captivating high-heel ankle boots and a plain textured top that is not too casual. Go for color-blocking with your accessories to make your look interesting. Tuck in the front of your blouse to reveal your belt, which can match the color of your bag. Don’t forget to wear accessories like earrings and a necklace to spice up your outfit and make it look less casual. Go with the same color of accessories that match the hardware of your belt for a unified look. 


Tip: Accessories matter in making a plain or casual outfit look more formal and interesting. 

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70’s Flare

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Flared jeans always look feminine and flirty. They’re great if you want to look taller. Wear them with heels for added height. The flare is literally an extra flair to your outfit. Make your OOTD less ordinary - flared jeans are great for dressing up without being too formal.


Here are some pieces you may want to try:

Shop the Westport Signature 5 Pocket High Rise Modern Flare Leg Jean, $50.95

How to Wear it to a party:

Pair flared jeans with a dressy or elegant top. Match all your accessories using one color to keep the focus on the blouse. This outfit can be worn for a lunch or even a dinner party and you won’t have to worry about being under-dressed.

Shop the Noelle Low Dress Sandal, $59.95
Shop the Dora Landa Sophie Draped Long Sleeve Top, $60.95
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Shop the Pre-Loved Celine Clutch, $645 

Baggy Jeans

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Let’s admit it: Baggy jeans are not the easiest trend to pull off stylishly. They’re easy to wear, yes, as there’s more room to make movement easier. So how do you pull off comfy with style? The trick to wearing baggy jeans is to pair them with fitted tops for balance. 


Unlike flared jeans, they don’t always exude femininity but it doesn’t mean you can’t look feminine while wearing them. It will just depend on what you pair with your baggy bottoms. 

Here are some pieces you may want to look at:

Shop the Westport Signature High Waist Loose Fit Skater Jean - Plus, $59.95
Shop the Knit Denim Weekender Sweatpants with Pocket and Drawstring Waist - Plus, $59.95


How to Wear it to an event:

Pair baggy jeans with fitted tops like a sports bra or a leotard. If you don’t like wearing tops that are too skin-tight, try a loose top but fitted at the waist. Just tie the front ends of a button-down shirt to make it fitted. That creates not just balance but also shape. Wear eye-catching jewelry pieces that will add elegance to your outfit. Match your shoes with your clutch for an appealing touch.

Shop the Lattice Necklace- Gold, $49.95
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Shop the Super Stretch Denim with Leopard Pannel - Plus, $82.95


There are so many types of patchwork denim. Some use a combination of two shades of denim in one piece. Others use more than 2 for a more interesting look. Patchwork can be in strips or in squares and rectangles - big and small. It can also look abstract like torn-up pieces of denim sewn together. Whichever style you go for, patchwork denim is supposed to be striking. It becomes your main accessory so it is usually paired with plain tops. 

How To Wear it to a party:

Choose one color to go with your patchwork pants so that they remain to be the accent piece. To make the outfit a bit more formal, pick pieces that have embellishments or a formal touch like this blazer with rhinestones. Accessorize with precious stones or gold and silver for a more formal look. 

Shop the Vegan Leather Contrast Laser Cut Tunic, $124.95
Shop the KAII Vegan Leather Sleeve Two Tone Blazer, $149.95
Shop the Strappy Cut Out Heeled Mule, $71.95 
Shop the Sterling Silver Linked Bracelet, $76.95
Shop the Cubic Zirconia Dangle Drop Earring, $38.95


Knee-length Shorts

Shop the Project Indigo 8" Destructed Denim Short - Plus, $46.95


This year’s shorts trend brings the hem up to the knees. It’s easy to wear this item for ordinary days and relaxed, informal occasions. Shorts are mostly regarded as casual wear but if you want to style them, here’s how.

How To Dress It Up:

Pair the shorts with a dress shirt that you can button at the top part and leave unbuttoned from waist down to reveal the shorts. You can choose to wear either knee length boots or dressy sandals that will match the color of your dress shirt. Always accessorize and choose an accent color for your accessories that will complement your outfit.

Shop the Uma Shirt Dress, $152.95
Shop the Willetta Tall Shaft Boot, $79.95
Shop the Kenta Wedge Sandal, $61.95
Shop the Vere Necklace, $34.95
Shop the Cubic Zirconia Diamond Tassel Earrings, $38.95
Shop the Gold Knot Bangle Bracelet, $16.95
Shop the Flamingo Leather Fringe Handbag - Scarlet Red, $183.95


Shop the Off The Shoulder Tie Waist Top, $44.95


Denim can also be used for tops. Just like a pair of jeans, you can dress up your denim tops so that they're not limited to casual wear.

Here are some pieces you may want to try:

Shop the Dora Landa Marg Top, $54.95

How To Dress It Up:

Pair this top with an A-line skirt. You can wear the top either tucked in, if you wish. Since there is a detail on the top that is a different color from the base, you can use that as the color of your skirt so they are coordinated and will look like a set. Then, accessorize! 

Shop the KAII Pleated Waist Mid Length Puffy Skirt, $94.95
Shop the Strappy Cut Out Heeled Mule, $71.95
Shop the Sweet Geo Necklace, $39.95
Shop the Patsy Earrings, $49.95
Shop the Alice Clutch, $46.95


Shop the Plaid Annelise Pant, $124.95
Shop the Everygreen Dress Sandal, $59.95
Shop the Leaf Double Layered Dangling Earrings, $20.95
Shop the Village Thrive Co Rattan Clutch, $60


Denim is not simply casual jeans!

Denim may not pass the standards of formal dress code but it doesn’t mean it always has to be kept casual. It’s easy to dress it up for any occasion with the right combination and accessories. So don’t be afraid to wear denim this holiday season for your parties and gatherings. Make the return of these denim trends fun and worth an OOTD.


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