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What To Wear To Every Fall Event

What To Wear To Every Fall Event

Remember the feeling you had on your first day at school, or your first day at work, or maybe your first date? Seeing people after so many months may give you the same “first-day” jitters. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

So it’s always smart to be prepared to look your best. We’ll help you nail your look for every fall event that you will be attending - whether it be going back to the office amongst your colleagues, celebrating milestones with loved ones, gathering with the entire clan, or just meeting friends. You wouldn’t want to make it seem like being cooped up at home has made you lose your sense of style. With Steinmart, you will make that memorable “first impression” that is polished and stylish. 


We’re breaking down outfit options that you can wear to various events. We’ll also show you how to wear them. Take a look at the following choices.


Back to the Office

Offices are starting to welcome back their employees and you may be one of them (though some may still be working remotely). It’s time to say goodbye to the remote or work-from-home virtual fashion which only showcased the head down to the waist. It’s no longer enough to think of what top to wear. Now, it will be back to the full look from head to toe - blouses and blazers, yes, and now matching and complementing pants, skirts, shoes, bags, and the accessories to complete the whole look. A bit more effort will be needed but it will create a bigger impact on your peers and on your performance. Body language, including clothing, has a greater impact on communication in the office setting. 


Style Tip 1: Choose a blouse with patterns that are fun but at the same time appropriate for the corporate setting. It shouldn’t be too loud or distracting. For your bottom and even for your shoes and bag, go with a color that complements your top. You can pick one of the colors from your top to make sure that they go well with each other. Layer the look with a plain-colored blazer or a short coat that is the same color as your bottom.


You may want to take a look at these items for an entire look:


Style Tip 2: Go with a printed or colored blazer or jacket over a plain fitted top. Pair them with plain-colored bottoms then accentuate with colored shoes and a bag. Go easy on the accessories.


You may want to try these jackets:


Pair them with these choices of bottoms:


Finish off the look with these shoes and accessories:


Lunch Dates

It’s back to old-fashioned meet-ups over a nice sumptuous meal. Lunch dates are perfect for meeting someone for the first time or after a long time. The setting is casual and relaxed, not too formal. You should wear comfortable clothing as the day is still long and the weather during mid-day is usually at its highest temperature. Though it may not be a dinner date, you should still dress to impress whether you are meeting a good friend, going out with your partner, or meeting a potential mate. 


Style tip 1: Pair a patterned fitted top with plain loose pants for a more comfortable and casual look. You would rather have your top be eye-catching than your bottoms so that your date will be drawn to look at your upper body and face. Finish the look with a casual pair of sandals and a strappy slim bag. 


You may want to try this look:


Style tip 2: Go with a loose fitting bright floral top that will accentuate your face and pair it with fitted jeans for a casual touch. Complement the look with a colorful shoe that matches the color of your top. No need to wear flashy accessories as the top is already eye-catching. 


This can be an alternative if you want a brighter look:


Style Tip 3: Go with a Casual dress that looks playful and fun.



Weddings are always a fabulous excuse to dress to the nines. With social restrictions easing up, we can once again celebrate with the people who are dear to us. On such a happy day, we show our support for the bride and groom by looking our best to match all the effort they put into the wedding preparations. We would want only the best for them and add to their already happy smiles when they see us. Some weddings have motifs and strict formal attire while others are very relaxed, which makes choosing outfits easier. Your choice of clothing would also depend on the location. But for the usual wedding in a church, here are some style tips to consider.


Style Tip 1: Choose a set outfit for a complete look.


Here are some options that you may want to try:


Style Tip 2: Wear Metallic fabric or accents which instantly evokes formality.


Here are some options to try:


Dinner Parties

Dinner parties are formal social gatherings of an intimate number of people - usually close friends or family, or for important guests you’d like to impress. It’s usually a seated dinner with its formalities and protocols. It’s also an occasion to come dressed to impress. As it is already dark at that time of the day, it would be better to wear bright colors or metallic pieces that will help you stand out from the rest. 


Style Tip 1: Go with bold colors.


Style Tip 2: Go with metallic accents that will reflect the light and give you a glow.


Family Gatherings

Family gatherings are usually casual get-togethers. Whether you’re meeting just your immediate family or the entire clan, it’s a time to catch-up and reconnect. These are traditionally done over lunch so the setting is more relaxed and informal. The occasion should be a fun and memorable one. Your outfit should be comfortable since you’ll be doing a lot of moving around, helping in the kitchen, playing with the kids, and gossiping with the adults. Fun and busy day so war something easy and relaxed.


Style tip 1: Pair plain tops with printed skirts or pants. Choose colors that will complement the top or vice-versa. 


You may want to check these:


Complete your look with these accessories:


Style tip 2: Go with jumpsuits. They’re comfortable and it’s a whole outfit in one piece.


You may want to check these out:


Walk in the Park

Fall is all about crisp air, pumpkins, and of course, the falling of leaves. It’s a wonderful time to enjoy the cooling temperature as you witness the change in seasons. Whether you’re alone or with someone, a walk in the park is perfect for this nature show. Make sure to wrap up in cozy outfits matching the autumn colors around you.


Style tip 1: Wear colorful sweaters that make you smile. Go with hues that will complement the scenery around you. Then pair them with neutral-colored bottoms or classic blue jeans. Wear comfortable walking shoes and sling on a light bag to complete your autumn OOTD. 


Try these sweaters for that Autumn look:


Pair them with these bottoms:


Finish your look with these bags:


Style tip 2: Wear coordinated sweatshirts and sweatpants. You might want to take a jog or go for a run. Be prepared with this style option.


Here are some items to choose from:


Dress to Impress

Whatever event you have lined up this fall, make it a point to dress up and impress - not only for the people you will meet but also for yourself. Feel good in the clothes you choose to wear while staying stylish.


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